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Friday, December 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Harrisburg, Illinois on 2016-09-17 03:12:00 - Something lit up my tent like the fourth of july when i was camping. i ran down by the lake and it was like i was frozen in fear.

I was at glen o jones campground. i was having a weekend camp out. it was around 3 am or so and i was asleep in my tent . suddenly a big group of extremely bright and colorful lights were casted right through my tent. and because it was so bright i woke up and thought to myself "what the heck is that ???"i quickly got out of my tent and went down by the lake to see what i could see. i walked down to the lake expecting to see something ordinary like an airplane or helicopter or maybe a blimp etc. however when i looked up in the sky what i saw put me in shock . i was frozen right where i was standing just gazing up at this bizarre sphere looking aircraft. it was the kind of staring like a deer in headlights. i couldn't even begin to fathom it. first thing i thought was "there is no way that this could be a ufo could it???"it was huge i would say probably the size of a football field at least. it had a dome shaped top and had idk how many windows. it was casting down a bright beam of light right from underneath it. it has these red lights that sort of pulsated and flashed almost like every ten seconds. it was hovering still just barely above the tree lines on the south side of the lake. after many of minutes of staring basically traumatized ; i decided to slowly get my phone out and snap a picture before it disappeared. and i also thought to myself it would be great to have solid proof . so i got my phone out and began to snap a picture but when i did this thing sped off into the sky . i mean it was gone before i could blink an eye. and it was very bizarre how it managed to disappear so quickly without making a sound. well after trying to capture a picture . i looked at the photo i had taken just hoping i had maybe caught the tail end of this thing and there was nothing . the picture was just a blur. another thing that baffled me about it was why did this thing instantly vanish when i held my phone up to get a picture. coincidental? ? or maybe who/whatever was flying this thing knew what i was trying to do?? it was like the operator of this aircraft knew i was trying to get proof of my discovery. well after this thing took off . i was too in shock and frightened to stay for the rest of the night so i packed up and left in a hurry. i went home and told my family and friends about my experience and of course they laughed in my face. asking me if i was drunk or on something . however i went out to the lake during the day and spoke to a few normal campers in that area and told them about what i saw and tried to describe it without coming out and saying precisely "ufo ".But each one of them said "it was probably a ufo . we've seen a few of them out here on many occasions. anyways , that's my experience . i have told many of people about it and they all just laughed and didn't believe me. but, i know what i saw and i'll take it to my grave.

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Credit: MUFON

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