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Sunday, December 3, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Marysville, Ohio on 2016-08-27 02:00:00 - Lights similar to headlights ahead on road disappeared in a half second with no explanation, reappearing behind me equidistantly, brighter than before. lit tall tree and car interior clearly. very clear memory of road feature that does not exist.

I was driving home from an event on a long, strait back-country road that i now drive frequently at about 55 mph. i hit a portion of open road with harvested fields on either side, and a pair of white (not warm white, orange, or blueish - pure white) headlights came into view ahead, resembling 7" rounds. they were low to the road, similar in height to a late 90's honda accord, and spaced in a manner consistent with a car. i saw no running lights as one would expect near headlights. they appeared to be approaching at a speed consistent with a car. i hit a slight dip in the road that obscured the position of the headlights for a half second or less, and upon that section coming back into view the headlights were gone. i immediately felt that something was wrong - a car shouldn't have disappeared in a half second. my measurements indicated that the distance between myself and the lights was .2 of a mile, or roughly 105ft. if a vehicle was there that had turned, i would have seen the side running lights and taillights. the headlights had disappeared across the open stretch, just inside where houses were placed. upon reaching the point where i saw the headlights, there was nothing there that could explain it. no house lights, no taillights, no running lights, open garage doors, or any movement of any kind. i distinctly remember a road extending from the right side - i saw a sign and everything. i looked down that long, straight road and saw nothing. i checked every house as i passed and saw nothing. i was just beginning to tell myself that it was nothing when the lights reappeared behind me in the spot that they disappeared to begin with, roughly equidistantly. it wasn't like a car had turned onto the road, it was like a car had been sitting there and then turned them on. it was immediate. they were much brighter than before, and i immediately felt a visceral terror. i felt that i had to get away from them. i panicked and floored it, hitting 60 mph before turning off at 30 mph. in my car, i can turn off all lights (no daytime running lights, either) and did so while fleeing, hoping that they couldn't see me turn off the road. the headlights were so bright that they illuminated the inside of my car and a 50ft tree ahead from top to bottom. they also seemed to be tailing me from the time they reappeared, maintaining the same distance behind me. when i looked in the direction of the lights after turning off the road, i could clearly make out two shafts of light, coming from the road which at this point was obscured by low-lying crops. i watched my rearview as i sped away but didn't see the lights follow behind me. i stayed up for an hour or so more and tried to forget about it. after a few months, having told the story once, i decided that i wanted to investigate it myself. i went back to the stretch of road in daylight with an analytical mindset, and it only confused me more. i tried to pin down the exact stretch, which i knew ended at the road i turned off on, and that the headlights vanished and reappeared in the same spot in the housing area. but the road that went off on the right was a problem. the closest road was too far away, and the distance wasn't right. that stumped me for a while before telling a member of mufon my story when he brought the subject of the paranormal up, and i went out with renewed interest in what happened. i drove up and down the section of road a number of times and located the dip in the road, and i am certain that this dip is the one i remember. it is the right distance from the houses, and there are open fields on either side. there is no road that goes from the right side between that point and where i turned off. everything else matches - the houses, the distance, the position of the lights, but it is clear to me that this road i remember isn't actually there. there are no signs that i could confuse for a road sign, and no long stretch of anything that could be mistaken for a road. the road in my memory is a repeat of a road much farther behind the dip, almost as though that was copy-pasted in my memory. trying to fit that road in is what confused me for so long, but now i am confident in the location. add to that that there is no place to turn off right there save two driveways that i checked, and in any case there was no way to obscure a vehicle in half a second there. there is a ditch on both sides of the road that inhibit making such a maneuver. i looked at both locations as i drove by them that night and saw nothing. there is no place to turn a car off and hide it - none of the trees are laying that low to the ground, and no large bushes either. it's easy to brush this off as someone panicking at a car they encountered late at night, and for a while i thought that myself, but upon critically examining the location and my memory i am confident that a car has been crossed out as a possibility. i cannot explain what happened, and even when it was suggested that i should make a report i hesitated. at no time did i get the idea or feeling that this was of extra-terrestrial origin. i thought that maybe it was a 'ghost car', but the distinct memory of a road that doesn't actually exist at that location (and yes, i'm sure i was on the same road at the same spot - there are none others like it in the area) leads me to believe that my memory was tampered with. i have talked with a mufon member and have been told that similar events have been reported, so i figured that if anything this report adds another data point to your documentation. as a final note, this event has had a lasting psychological impact. ever since the event, if i am driving late at night and headlights appear behind me i slowly begin to panic. it builds the longer the headlights remain behind me, especially if they mirror turns i make in an attempt to loose them. i never had this reaction before the event described above. in the attached map, the three white dots are where things took place. the dot on the far right is the dip, where i saw the lights vanish. the middle dot is roughly where the lights were, and where i remembered a road. the dot on the left is where i was when they reappeared. i turned off on the road extending to the bottom of the picture on the left side of the image.

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