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Saturday, December 2, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on 2017-12-02 21:43:00 - Observed fast moving lights change direction so within very small radius

At approximately 9:43 pm cst i observed fast white strobes (2-3 pulses per second) on the ne horizon. the lights were between 20-25 degrees elevation and appeared to be at least 3-5 miles away. i initially questioned this being a plane due to the fast strobe so i watched it as it flew toward, over, and away from my position. as the lights approached it was then i noted two round, unwavering, red lights facing downward. i continued to observe and after the lights passed overhead it became more difficultt to observe the white strobes. once the lights passed overhead and continued to move away at a fast rate of speed i observed no propellor, jet, or rotor noise whatsoever. it was then i observed the red lights appear to dim, move slightly to the left, and then i saw the white strobes again. this apparant 180 degree maneuver took less than 3 seconds and it was then the craft appeared to be coming at me again. i observed the white strobes for 2-3 more seconds and the craft then turned back to its original course since i could no longer see the strobes. it continued away from me for another 2-3 and repeated this maneuver - coming at me then turning away again - before it disappeared over the horizon at approximately 25 degree elevation on the sw horizon. i attempted to video the lights after it made the first course correction but the video is poor. the lights can be seen approximately 3 seconds in at bottom center. immediately after the video i observed what appeared to be a jet moving in from the nw on the last seen position of the craft. noteworthy is that throughout this event i never heard and propulsion noises; the sky was relatively clear (stars clearly visible); i consumed no drugs/alcohol during the day. i am an avid place guy so when i saw the tremendous speed and ability to turn on a dime coupled with the fast white strobe something seemed amiss. i thought this might be some sort of drone but it would have to be military due to the range of travel from one horizon to another although i could not estimate height due to my inability to see anything other than lights.

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Credit: MUFON

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