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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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UFO Sighting in CASTLE ROCK, Colorado on 2017-12-07 06:50:00 - 3 hovering/stationary craft formed like a triangle. very distinct/bright. then, one at a time, each took off super fast!

I am a truck driver, and i was heading north on i-25 towards denver. i was in between castle rock and lone tree when, in the predawn light, i saw 3 bright and stationary lights/objects just above the horizon at approximately a 30-35 degree angle off to my ne direction. these 3 objects were formed in a triangle pattern; the point/single object pointing north/ne. the bottom left to the south/sw, and the third to the right was south/se. they were hovering/stationary for approximately a full minute +/-. i thought at first glance, that they were helicopters, but definitely not! ( i drive up and down hwy 115 which parallels ft.Carson, and i see helicopters all the time;both day and night. that's not it). since i drive this section of i-25 on a pretty regular basis, i am familiar with the surrounding area and the sky light. i knew these were not radio or cell towers at all. the objects appeared to be either triangle or even square in shape/outline.All three were emitting a very bright and constant and somewhat patterned white light. there was definitely a shape/outline to these objects, and not just an orb of light,(even in the predawn light.So they were definitely close.1 mile or less away).Then, all of a sudden, the craft at the point of the triangle goes from stationary to zooming off to the ne at a ridiculous speed, and out of my sight in less than 1 second. just a quick light trail was all i saw for that second. the other two objects remained stationary for another 1-2 seconds, then they took off at the same ridiculous speed. the bottom right object shot off to the east/ne.Again, out of my sight within a second!The other object,(which delayed it's departure for 1-2 seconds), on the bottom left of the formation, shot off to the west/nw.Before this third object disappeared from my sight, i observed it change direction and cut back to head north/ne, as if to catch up to the other two craft! wow! this change of direction was done at the same/or close to the same speed, as it's straight line flight speed.And the change of direction was essentially made at an 80-90 degree angle. now, unless this is/was a top secret/experimental air force craft,(technology maybe going back to the days of "operation paperclip" or reversed engineering from downed spacecraft found and covered up by the military and/or government), i truly and honestly can say that what i saw was indeed a formation of u.F.O.'s i was very excited to have had the chance to have experienced such a sight!! what an opportunity! i am a true believer, and honestly believe that we are not alone in the universe.*what an arrogant belief from mankind to think we are the only intelligent life form out there in the entire universe/cosmos!

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Credit: MUFON

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