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Friday, December 22, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Southaven, Mississippi on 2017-12-09 20:30:00 - Triangle pattern of lights with no noise or blinking went from east to west in a rapid fashion.

On 12-9-17 i was attending a graduation get to together for my friends wife. while we were outside around a fire pit one of six of us saw something streak across the sky. i assumed he was talking about a meteorite but decided to look up into the night sky anyways. while six of us were looking straight up at the nights sky we spotted five faint white/red lights in a v shape formation. four lights on one side and a sing light on the other making a v above us moving at a rapid pace from the east to west.I would say we only had 15 seconds to look at the lights as they passed. if we weren't all looking up we would have never noticed this because there was no noise completely silent and the lights were not blinking they stayed constant. i've lived in the area all my life and i've never seen anything like this before.I searched around and closest thing that i found on the internet that looked like it was a video from phoenix in april 21, 2013. i'm not sure if anyone else saw it but i can't imagine it went completely unnoticed because we are so close to memphis, tn.

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Credit: MUFON

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