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Friday, December 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Litchfield, Maine on 2017-12-14 19:00:00 - Thought it was a satelite, until i saw it stop, hover, change direction, stop, hover change direction, do a small circle and stop

I went outside about 7 pm to see how cold it was, and while i was outdoor i remembered that a meteor shower was reported on the weather, so decided to let my eyes get accustomed to the dark in hopes to see some meteors. saw a bright moving light, star like, and thought, oh a satellite, as it was at that altitude i normally see a satellite, and i will watch that while i was there. i am very familiar with satellites, have seen and tracked many over the years, and thought gee this one is much brighter than normal of those i usually have seen. object was moving from north to south on a slight angle. it got about ene, just above a pine tree, i used as a reference point, with no tree limbs obstructing my view, and the object stopped dead, hovered for a minute or so, then changed direction 180 degrees to the north. it went a short distance, say about an two inches or so in the sky, a decent distance that i could gauge, and stopped again, reversed again 180 degrees, went about half the distance back the same path to the south, and stopped again. it then did a small circle, say about a 1/2 in in diameter, kind of wiggling as it went in the circle. it then continued on a path to the south and stopped. all the while i was watching i could not believe what i was witnessing, and wished i had my phone. once it stopped, i watched a minute or so, and since it was still, i ran inside to get my phone, my wife asked what was the problem, as i was almost running told her i am watching a ufo and wanted to get my camera. i had took notice of the position, using he pine tree as a maker, it was about 5 degrees above the tree, in a very clear sky. when i got back outside, no more than a minute, it was still in the same location, but perfectly still. it never moved again, while i was watching for the next 5 minutes. wife was probably rolling her eyes, as i pointed it out to her, but it never moved again. after 5 minutes, and since it was about 14 degrees , i went back inside. while i was outside with the camera, i tried to record the object, in the event it moved again, but i was unable see anything on the video. i know what i saw, it moved stopped hovered, circled, changed direction and moved a good distance across the sky.

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Credit: MUFON

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