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Monday, December 4, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Ponce Inlet, Florida on 2017-12-03 20:20:00 - Phenomena appeared in my photos and was noticed shortly after taking them.

Being that tonight was a "super moon," i decided to check it out down at the beach a block from my residence in ponce inlet, florida. i accessed the beach from the parking lot that feeds from ocean view avenue along south atlantic avenue. i was actually in conversation on my cell phone. the view of the ocean with a full moon was spectacular to say the least, so i put my friend on speaker while accessing my camera. i took 3 photos while continuing my conversation. the first shot was a vertical one. the 2nd and 3rd were horizontal. there is a noticeable beach sign in the pictures. by the time i took the 3rd, you can see the perspective has changed from the first two because i was walking and snapping at the same time. it wasn't until i got home and looked at the photos were i noticed something peculiar. in the first shot, i immediately thought it was ruined due to some kind of blemish (the unidentified light below the moon) and quickly moved to the second image to perhaps send this out to a friend or two. because i liked the vertical style of the first shot, i began using my phone's editing feature to re-crop the 2nd one when i noticed again what appeared to be a blemish but this time, it was on the horizon. (only seconds after the first shot.) in checking the 3rd image there was no "blemish." upon further examination of the photos, i realized that the very dramatic and heavy clouds were obviously blocking starlight. as anyone can see, the moon is barely bursting through. and given that i didn't use a flash, it seems that the orbs present in the first 2 photos were indeed in front of the cloud cover. i ruled out any meteor because there is no tail at all. and the color of the orb/orbs is the same. as for a plane or helicopter, the timing doesn't make sense nor does the type of light. i then tweaked the photos more in my phone app and whatever it is i captured looks to be in the same sky as the moon. additionally, i was able to pull out a second orb in the first photo but i didn't save it. i still cannot replicate what i did. but i would welcome anyone to tweak the 1st original and you may get lucky and see another orb down and to the left of the obvious one. so here, i'm including a total of 5 photos. the first 3 originals. and then the first 2 tweaked to highlight whatever this/these lights are.

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Credit: MUFON

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