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Monday, December 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Springfield, Massachusetts on 1994-09-30 21:25:00 - Saw big brute object in ske aboveboard baseball field. watched for 5 min it shrunk to star size went to left when at neiboring house was going right.

As i was walking home from work october i was 17 almost 18 at the end of my road there is a baseball field. there is a very long stone wall and a big clear opening. as i reached it i looked up and saw a hudge light in the sky. iot had a corona around it. i watched in awe as i have read many books on the subject bud hopkins, ivan sanderson etc. about 5 min watching this thing that was not as high as the clouds but not as low as the trees it shrunk to the size of a star. a small little light. mind you this thing was so big n bright and stationary with no sound whatsoever for about 5 min. all of a sudden the most horrible scared feeling i ever had came over me for no reason. the thing started going right. i ran across the street crying and yelling for the people to let me in. i told them look out your window look and we all did. the thing was going to the right! by then it looked like a plane so they didn’t see what i did. there is a power station next to the ball field. thanks

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Credit: MUFON

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