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Thursday, December 14, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Fort Collins, Colorado on 2004-06-15 03:00:00 - I was a kid, and i was woken up like i had some psychological connection to the light/craft i saw in the sky, and i felt like i had to watch it until it disappeared.

This happened when i was in 4th grade, sometime in the summer. i only recently started sharing this experience with family and friends because my father had his own experience within the last couple years. i remember waking up at about 3:30 am on top of my bed, my bedsheets were made perfectly, all the corners crisp and everything, and my blinds were pulled tightly open, and i was incredibly awake like i had to look out my window and i had a feeling in my stomach, kind of like a "no-gravity" feeling. i look outside in the distance directly to the west of me in my bed, and there is this very large lemon-shaped bright yellow object very slowly traveling to my left, so south. it was going in a perfectly straight path and moving at a constant speed, what i would think to be like 3 mph but was probably a little faster given the distance it was away from me. i just kept staring and feeling the weird feeling in my stomach like i was frozen and terrified looking at this object. there is a large pine tree past the garage outside my window, and i knew that if it went behind that pine tree and did not come out the other side i must be seeing things. i waited and waited as it slowly surfaced onto the left side of the pine tree. my best guess is that this object was around 3-5 football fields away. as it kept slowly moving south, it started moving towards the aspen tree that was in our front yard, and as it approached around some of the first branches it just disappeared completely. the feeling in my stomach was let go, i became physically less tense but then a new feeling of reality set in that made me feel incredibly fearful and scared and confused. i felt like it wanted me to watch it, like it woke me up to watch it. i was so confused why my bed was made, i was on top of all the sheets and comforter and everything, and i was very confused why my blinds were pulled tightly open. i do not know if i did that or if something else had happened that i don't remember. i know that at that time i had watched some movie on lifetime about a stalker, and i would always shut my blinds before the sun went down because i was scared somebody would crawl onto the garage and could see me through my window, so i knew i had to have closed those blinds. i also never made my bed, especially that neat, but i really have no explanation to those parts of my experience. i also remember there was no sound that i could hear from the object, and my window was closed, but i could usually hear the cars on the busy street west of my house, and i could see the lights from the cars, but during the few minutes i saw the object i don't remember seeing any cars going down that street, or my street. i know i didn't see any other objects like airplanes or anything in the sky, and it was crystal clear out that night. i do remember seeing stars in the sky. the whole experience was maybe 5-8 minutes, and it felt like the world was absolutely silent and still while i had this weird and frightening connection-experience to this object.

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Credit: MUFON

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