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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Riihimäki, on 1992-02-01 17:02:00 - Glowing sphere that made no sound, orange and howering

Reporting this for a friend! my friend told me about a sighting he and his friends had in my town about 20 years ago or such here very near where i live. they were about 8-10 years of age, sliding down a hill near a smallish but dense forest during winter time at the evening. suddenly they apparently saw a strange light coming from behind the hill and went to investigate. they go to about 3 meters away from the red-ish or orange-ish pulsating object and it was about 1 meter in diameter if i recall him telling right. also it was howering about 1 meter from the ground. they got scared and all of them ran home and tried explaining it to their parents who naturally didn't believe them. after years of convincing his parents they just said it was propably a meteor or something, anyway they went back a few weeks later (too scared to go earlier)... the trees around the spot where they saw it had apparently burned their tree bark just 1m from the ground from about the length of the sphere they saw. but also the snow below the place had melted away. he said nothing grew on the spot for about a decade. he showed me the spot about a month ago but it was too dark to properly see anything, i might go check it out again on daylight when i have the time. though the burn marks might've faded. few trees were cut around the spot thought they were small trees and we wondered why would anyone cut them, since they were kind of young trees and for firewood there woud've been much better trees. additional information and question: he told me that the object did not make any sound. he and his friends still believe they saw a real alien spacecraft, i forgot to ask how many of them were there. here are the google maps coordinates (about 5 meter ish marginal error in location): 60.732078, 24.757420 if you are around my town, i can propably show you the spot. i might go there to check on the burn marks during daytime one time.

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Credit: MUFON

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