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Monday, December 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Yuba City, California on 2017-12-07 00:00:00 - Saw flickering/flash-like sphere with light on a cloudy night, then it moved up and down, bouncing around.

It was at 12:43 a.M. when i took my dogs out for their potty break as i work nights from home (7 p.M. - 3 a.M.). it was a cloudy night and so i was checking out how the moon was glowing (it was in the se) and then directly to the right of the moon i saw a flickering or flashing type light which i thought may be an aircraft (as there is an airport in sacramento area (and i live 40 miles north of sac), but it was moving up and down and zig-zagging..... which a plane cannot! so, i ran in the house and grabbed my cellphone to get a picture of it. i was thinking oh my gosh, no way.... this is really happening!! i mean, we have chemtrails all over the place here and we are right near beale air force base (where the stealth was originally created and trained on). also, i know beale has a lot of secret information and things they are working on that their employees cannot talk about. however, that is e from where i live (about 38 miles). okay, then i had my cellphone and filmed some of the item fading into the clouds and coming out and moving around in an unusual manner. it was impossible to get a distance feeling of it or a static feeling of where it was going with no stars out or reference points. i did not feel it was real close, but i could see it fairly well. some of my pictures, especially when i froze the frame of the video, it had a saw blade looking edge to it but on others, it looked like a ghostly orb. strange but not something i had ever seen before either. it does not start appearing in the video until almost halfway through as it must have been behind the clouds. hope you can figure this thing out. :)

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Credit: MUFON

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