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Monday, December 25, 2017

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UFO Sighting in East Orange, New Jersey on 2017-08-06 21:32:00 - Observed a star moving west to east getting brighter as it moved closer to another star. hoovered then decended above treetop becoming brighter.. hovered then decendedhovered and decended above tree top about

About 9:32 pm i went outside to my back yard. i was looking up at the sky and wondering where all the stars that used to be in the sky when i was little. i glanced toward a star over my home and i saw two stars. one was brighter than the other. i thought to myself why would the stars be that close to each other. after saying that the one star was not as bright as the other suddenly started to move. i watched as it moved from west to east over my head until it reached another star and became brighter. once it became brighter it was over my neighbor's tree top in my neighbor's yard. slowly it started to descend. the craft made no sound. the only thing visible was the gleaming light. the star as it descended looked so beautiful. then it hovered over the tree. i was about 30 ft away from the tree as it hovered above. i noticed the gleaming light was in front. i stepped to the left to get a better look as to what was behind the light but all i saw was something dark. i could not make out an actual shape i was not afraid as a matter of fact i told the star craft it looked beautiful. i felt like we were connected. i felt love emitting from it and from me. i know this sounds a bit odd, but that was how i felt. the craft was just hovering as if it was observing me as well as i was observing it. i repeated again how beautiful it looked then the star craft started moving towards me. i started to back up because i did not want to get under the craft. it was not as big as i thought it was. as i was backing up i thought i could go inside to get my camcorder to video tape it since it was moving slow. as i backed up till i got closer to my side door i ran inside and ran back out in less than 30 seconds and it was gone. i felt disappointed it was gone. i want to know why did i feel connected? why was it hovering over my house and why did it descend?

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Credit: MUFON

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