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Monday, December 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Los Alamitos, California on 1968-02-04 00:00:00 - Bright red orb the size of small house with bright red energy orbiting around it like radar. hovered directly above me. it was very loud with a massive sound going up down up down in pitch.

In 1968, in los alamitos, ca i was waiting out in the car for my mom to finish a quick visit to a neighbor. i was 14. it was night and it was winter. all of a sudden i just became aware of a massive deep sound like a sine wave going up down up in pitch. i looked around and saw nothing. then i leaned forward and looked up from the front seat. hovering above me was a craft. i got out of the car, excited but also intimidated. i stood between the open door of the car, one hand on the car and one on the door. in the air directly above me was a large bright laser red orb, about the size of a small house, about 100 ft up in the air. orbiting around it was the same bright red light which looked just like radar - it circled the orb, then there would be a fraction of a second when there was a gap, then it blipped on again and orbited around again. just like how radar looks on the screen. no wind. no exhaust. and though the sound was massive it didn’t hurt my ears or rumble my intestines. also, this was a heavily populated suburban tract and although the sound was huge, no one was running out of their houses to see what was going on. my mom and sister had finished their visit and came outside and started yelling excitedly. her friends followed her out. all loudly responding to this thing. this happened in a matter of minutes. then it took off straight up to a very distant height and from my perspective it was now small as my fingernail. in just seconds it went that high. it hovered way up there for a few seconds, then flew down into the distance and i couldn’t see anything because it was below the level of the houses. then a few seconds later it took off at a specific angle, like 45 degrees, and moving at tremendous speed it climbed into the sky using the entire expanse from my view, until it was up and out of sight. there were multiple jets in the sky at the time and they looked like they were moving as fast as tricycles compared to this thing. we lived near a naval air base. the brightness of this craft was glowing so that it only looked like light, similar to a lightbulb, where you can see the glow but not the glass. i was directly below it with a belly up view and that is how i know the orbiting thing wasn’t a single entity but a radar type energy orbiting dizzyingly fast around the orb.

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Credit: MUFON

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