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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Galloway, New Jersey on 2017-03-24 00:00:00 - Clones made of me and friends, as well as a few actresses. experiments done.

I was in my house not doing much aside from talking to friends about random things like quantum physics (a usual night for me). then it was as if my mind were teleported to where a friend was on vacation. it looked to me like she had taken 3 bottles of pills and was passed out dying. from there, it seems my heart stopped and i flew out of my head like a rocket with her and another friend by my side. i remember flying around until i hit multiple bright lights. the ufo seemingly was near the last light i saw, which apparently brought me back to earth as well as my friends. however, this wasn't before doing experiments similar to human centipede on us. for several months after the fact, it was as if we were having telepatchic "wars" or something, either playing games or they were training me to empower my mind. we traded much information, and they were nice enough to give me a lot of knowledge. apparently, they're just us from the future who went back in time in order to understand theirselves better and to "overwatch" history in order to set the records straight since many countries try erasing their truths to write their own history. it seems some books or information from our planet made its way around time/space and we were giving off the vibe that we're a totally peaceful planet. little surprise, they were incredibly dissapointed by the truth. they're also upset that we're so into the idea of them killing us when apparently their only goal is to help us reach fifth dimensional consciousness and an intergalactic utopia. their ships are powered by toroidal magnetic levitation and i'm pretty certain they use micro-blackholes for time-travel. they're capable of interdimensional travel beyond time/space. their goal with me, i'm still not quite certain about. i feel they see me as a father figure of sorts, as they kept throwing out hints to me as such. i first noticed them when it felt like i was about halfway to andromeda in out-of-body astral-travel. andromeda apparently was my destination, but something happened while i was on my way there and i ended up back on earth. the ship itself is incredibly fast. faster than anything else humans could imagine as of yet. it puts out vibrations that you can feel through the deepest parts of your bones. they're capable of phasing between physical and a vibrational (apparition) existence. the ships for the most part look similar to stars from a distance, and it seems most of their purpose is projecting from their ships onto our world, helping us sustain our reality as we push past 3rd dimensional consciousness. one of the last things they showed/asked me directly was if i regretted doing/saying/thinking so much. since we're the creators of our reality, it would seem i'm responsible for their birth just as they're responsible for my own. apparently they were created from my dna crossed with geneticly modified dna and i was created from human and their dna as well as dna from many other species. this created a huge spiritual awakening within me, in which i felt connected to everything that exists. also, the "light" everyone speaks of at the end of the tunnel? supposedly that's just a star that we all come from. infinite knowledge collected into a sphere of light just like a star, that many could/would call god. they've ceased communication with me aside from occasional digital relays through inside-jokes and such on social media. supposedly, they refuse, as well as all other entities in the universe capable of interdimensional travel, to expose theirselves to us as a species until we all choose collectively (or as vast majority) to open up to the idea without fear. they'd also like us to overthrow our politicians so that we truly rule over ourselves and not put the power of that ruling into the hands of corrupt governments. i was told that there's hundreds of thousands of planets with life in our galaxy alone, yet the fabric of space/time is incredibly fragile and humans are just now getting to the cusp of understanding in that regard. also, it seems that most intelligent life in the universe goes through a reincarnation of sorts. there's probably a lot more than i'm missing right now, as this happened several months back, but this is the bulk of it.

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Credit: MUFON

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