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Saturday, December 9, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Daytona Beach, Florida on 2017-11-30 19:50:00 - 3 armed boomerang.7 lights, 2 on each arm, 1 center. appeared out of nowhere as i was focusing on a "star"

Me and my friend were on her porch. i was telling her about all the stuff elon musk is doing with space x and everything. she left to go to the bathroom inside. recently i had been looking into ufo's and had come across this stuff about apollo 18-20 and i thought it was interesting, so while she was gone i decided i was going to ask her if she believed in aliens. so, sure enough, she gets back and i ask her. as we talk about the subject, not 10 seconds go by when i look to my west (off the porch)and begin looking at the few bright stars out. my eyes go from one to the other but at the third or forth star, my eyes just lock and stare at it. and out of nowhere, as if out of the movie chicken little, a (at first very hard to make out) craft with 7 lights on it just appears and begins moving to the left (s=>n/ne). it was a very distinct shape. a 3 armed boomerang. each arm had a light at the end and one at the middle. the center light, that had apparently been the star i was looking at was slightly dimmer than the others.The craft started moving very slowly and looked pitched, kind of at an angle with its bottom toward me. but then it began to accelerate slowly as i began to realize what i was looking at. as it accelerated, it began to spin very slowly. this is how i knew it was a solid craft. as the lights were moving exactly together as on a single object. i ran to the railing and watched it continue out of my sight blocked by the roof. and i could make out the very dark outline when contrasted by the blue/black of the night sky that night. my friend did not see it but does mention seeing a flash. i think this is when it first appeared and maybe she just saw the ambient light from the craft. the lights weren't solid also. they were kind of fuzzy, hard to describe.You had to be looking exactly where i was looking in order to see this thing. after the encounter, i immediately drew a picture from my head to get the proportions right before my mind started altering them. also, after i explained everything that i saw to my friend, she got a call from an unknown number. it was a women, who kind of didn't answer when my friend picked up the phone. so after 10 seconds, i grabbed asked who it was and this lady asked if i was, might spell it wrong,(maliek salie?). i told her she had the wrong number and she laughed and i hung up. she sounded really strange and expressive. i'm not sure what that means, just thought that was creepy.

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Credit: MUFON

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