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Monday, December 4, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Bismarck, North Dakota on 2017-12-03 00:00:00 - I and others have noticed for about 3-4 years. i'm 1 of 2 that have had extremely close encounter, maybe just me. arms length just me.

Hello. this started years earlier in williston,nd. these lights started appearing, a few here, a few there. i noticed right away because although they look like stars they are not. keep in mind this was happening pretty much at the same time the media mentioned drones are a big deal in nd, and they will be in the local skies, cool, i thought... it's not my place to say disinformation, or maybe the two are completely unrelated. i appreciate for the most part we are safe, and god bless the usa, and all the good people. maybe they are drones, maybe not, in fact if they are why pay any attention to boring me? now for the good stuff! i thought how weird is it when your naked eye views them they look similar to a star, viewing them through a mechanical piece is something different all together. that's crazy, and freaks people out, and it should, it changed my life. and i don't mean distance. moving on quickly. and please don't be mad, whatever you are, i respect and fear you, but not sure i need to. what's scary is simply put what i see nightly if i step outside on my rooftop is not normal. look like a star sure. they from what i've gathered are plasma orbs. these orbs are actually 3 orbs when they are near. i'm not afraid of the outcome because it's so amazing our normal re-action's, reality, isn't in the same realm so instead although my life hasn't been so lucky i consider this a reasuring positive i hope. they have matter or plasma in between them, and a smaller antenna. when they close you can see it, and it scares the hell out me. they can be a constellation size object one minute, than shrink down and the same formation be outside your window model aircraft size seconds later. they last night did a effect where they after i ask in my head where r u, than they came alright from a distance looking like fireworks. i'm also once again joined by the owl hooting outside. they love animals or it is of importance. zoom in on the two photos both orbs, however the one above building which i won't name to be descent the orb has with it a bear, and it's cub.. stood out imediatly for me but on two separate occasions these orbs have created birds about 20 feet above my head, and a flock for a friend. call it the grand finally... i'm not saying anything else here. i couldn't make this up if i tried, i'm not trying to hurt or bother anybody but i'm basically alone with this, and it's alot to take. they are whatever they want to be, they can create, change, massive objects over a night. thank you. oh and these photos are from my phone. these objects are at the range of 50-75 feet i guess. they when extremely close shrink and kinda act like a fire fly, and i won't share that with anyone through photo, and would be afraid or consider it disrespectful.Lastly i'll include a definition i found somehow that is extremely accurate...

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Credit: MUFON

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