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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Seabrook, New Hampshire on 2017-10-20 15:24:00 - Headed from direction of sun, glided and slowed, ascended and descended, vanished. then second one came. in pursuit or companion to first 4 minutes after first one.

Laying on hammock in my yard with eyes closed. opened my eyes after seeing a vision of a craft. a craft was heading away from direction of the sun when i first saw it. shaped oval or like kidney bean or football. varies in photos i took. i thought wow that's awesome i just had a vision and there is a craft! i got my phone and took some pictures. in last picture of first craft it appeared to have been sucked in or traveled up into a beam of light which came from very high in the sky to the northwest. the sun was lower in southwest sky. i didn't see it vanish. it just vanished. the picture of the beams of light from opposite direction of sun is why i consider it possible it traveled in the light. i don't know or state that as definite fact. 4 minutes later a second craft followed it in pursuit of conjunction. it may have been a small jet or a rocket. i photographed that also. 2 days later i had an abduction experience and ended up in the er on october 23 in exeter nh. had bite marks of unknown origin on lower abdomen which are consistent in location with the immense pain i felt during the abduction which took place between 3-4:00 am on the 22nd of october. it was absolutely the most painful and upsetting abduction or encounter i have ever had. a cat scan was performed to ensure no life threatening injury to abdomen. the bite mark was noted but no ointment or medical care was provided to the location of external injury. saline and pain medicines were administered at hospital. superficial burn was on my neck, posterior and inferior to right ear. this was not the first time i'd been at the er after an abduction and had a fever and unexplainable wounds with recollection of the abduction event. october 20, 2016 (accurate within a day) after 5 days of feeling very sick i went to er. the date of the visit to et was approximately 5 days after that abduction. was the last time i'm certain the abduction was the cause of the injuries and fever and pain/sick feeling. my body has become sensitive, my skin is sensitive to sun and wind and my body doesn't regulate body temperature very well. i have a fan on me at least 20 hours a day. otherwise i get hot and begin sweating. . i'll send the photos separately. i posted them and then decided to take them down due to terms of use. the photos are available for you to view but i'd rather reserve the rights to my photographs

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Credit: MUFON

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