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Thursday, December 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Naperville, Illinois on 2017-12-10 17:50:00 - Red blinking light that was present before stars came out w/no aircraft in area; strange green object caught while filming red light

First observed from the intersection of main street and aurora avenue, small red light that appeared stationary above a walgreen's located at the intersection. it was about 5:50 p.M. on a clear evening; no stars were out yet and no planes or other aircraft were observed for the evening. that's what caught my attention. the light was clearly artificial, but there hadn't been any typical air traffic; the light was out of place. i was across the street from the walgreen's, waiting for the light to change so i could get to my car in the water street parking garage, observing. it wasn't moving, yet the light was blinking. it would flash red, then appear to vanish, only to blink red again. i was curious, and did something that i'll admit, was not really thought through: i flashed the flashlight on my phone at it, mimicking its own flashing. it flashed back, and then stopped flashing. when the light finally turned (after i took a quick series of photos) i crossed the street and headed the down the block towards the garage. however, i noticed something odd; the red light wasn't behind me as it should have been if it was stationary. if it had just been hovering i should have passed it by, leaving it behind me. i should have had to look behind me in order to keep it in view, not in front. curious, i stopped walking abruptly. in that short instance of my pause, i caught it moving a few degrees more to the west before it stopped. i took more photos and kept walking. in front of the garage, across from the municipal center, there is a relatively empty, small parking lot. i stopped there and flashed my flashlight once more in a series of rapid bursts at the light; there was no response this time. once more the light was stationary. i took the stairs up to the forth floor (where my car was), and looked out the gaps between the floors. the light was still there, stationary, blinking slowly. i took another series of quick photos. leaving the downtown area to get home, i hoped out loud that i wouldn't see it coming after the car. i don't recall seeing it after i left. i don't know if it was still there when i pulled out of the garage, but i know for sure that it didn't follow me back to my house. later discovering a video i took with my cellphone that i hadn't noticed before, i saw another object come out of nowhere during the last two seconds of the video. green, and flying out of nowhere i could tell, it was much larger than the red light, didn't blink, and wasn't noticed while i filmed. i hope that the video i included works; if not, please contact me and i'll try again. i'll also include some of the photos i took as well as a screenshot of the green object. picture 1210171843 is a close-up of the object seen in picture 1210171750j.

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Credit: MUFON

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