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Sunday, December 10, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Centerton, Arkansas on 2017-10-14 18:45:00 - Extremely bright sphere directly over sunset.

When i'm outside i always look around to see how many planes i can see in the sky at one time. this particular evening my wife and i went outside to smoke and while looking for planes i noticed what i thought was an incredibly bright star directly over the sunset. i thought it was odd because the sky was still very bright since the sun had just gone below the horizon. i pointed it out to my wife and she thought it was weird too. while we were discussing it we looked around to see if there were any other stars shining back to the east. when we looked back the star was gone. we were both puzzled and wondering where it could have gone and then i noticed that it was all of a sudden way further south and much higher in the sky. the change in distance was way to fast for any modern aircraft known to the general public. i pointed it out to my wife and we were both more perplexed than before. now it appeared to start ascending sightly then appeared to start sinking slowly like a feather and to our amazement it started shimmering out and disappeared. this happened very fast to where it fizzled out and was completely gone within 3 seconds. the way it acted and how bright it was made us think it was a mirror like finish reflecting the sun and then that finish was "shut off" as if there were flaps turning around to stop the reflection.

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Credit: MUFON

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