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Thursday, December 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Park Forest, Illinois on 2017-12-21 04:15:00 - Streak of stationary blinking light, blinked every 3 seconds in excess of 30 minutes.

Went out for a cigarette & at 03:50 i saw a streak of blinking light in the sky just overhead at roughly 25k - 40k feet. thought it may have been an airplanes lights illuminated by the clouds but the light remained stationary in excess of 30 minutes not accompanied by any sound whatsoever. the most remarkable thing was the brightness of the light. it could easily have been a spotlight of some kind projecting from the ground but that would mean something very large is reflecting that light back with an almost mirror/metallic surface. but i'm gonna rule that out because this light could be seen and it was diminished with cloud cover. i don't see any other light in the sky, just this short beam. it seems to be at 25,000 feet at least and i can see stars behind it. i can only imagine that it varies between 50'-300' in actual length. i have no idea what it could be & i conversed with it to no avail. gonna try to get more video after posting this. i just checked (04:45) and it's still there.

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Credit: MUFON

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