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Sunday, December 10, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Loveland, Colorado on 2017-12-09 01:45:00 - Five or six lights in a straight line gliding ne in total silence, between treetop and 500 ft.

I went outside for a cigarette around 0145 in a small alcove against my apartment building. i noticed the motion censor light in the 1st floor stairwell come on and, assuming a resident to be coming outside, i moved around the dumpster on the edge of our building and into the parking lot. when i looked back, i realized that no one seemed to be in the stairwell as the other three stories of motion-lights remained off. for some reason i began to feel inexplicably spooked, frightened almost, in the pit of my stomach (whether due to this light coming on or otherwise), and my instincts told me to look up and see if there was anything unusual in the sky. i studied the stars for some twenty seconds before movement caught my eye and i noticed an airplane almost directly above me headed nw toward the mountains on a flightpath i've become familiar with on my breaks. as i looked at the plane i realized i could faintly hear it, a noise that fit it's altitude. it wasn't particularly low (high enough to be unnoticeably quiet at first) but was clearly still ascending to a cruising altitude. as i looked at this plane, movement caught my eye to the south, and i noticed what i initially thought was a flock of birds moving through the night sky. but as my eyes adjusted, i realized that in fact it was five or six dim lights, equidistant, (aspirin sized, as you offered above), gliding in perfect silence. these lights were very distinctly lower than the airplane that was still moving to the nw far above (the airplane sound in no way covered up or hindered any sense of a noise i'd have heard from this object). though i'm a terrible judge of specific distance (especially at night with no point of reference), it was clear that they were far closer than the plane, but by no means close enough to scrape the rooftop if you know what i mean. within about three seconds, the lights had covered some 40 degrees of the sky above me, and disappeared over my 4-story apartment building. i jogged some twenty feet to the neighbor's lot and saw the lights fading into the sky above the city, becoming too small and lost in the light pollution. this second glimpse lasted barely a second or two. but enough to confirm they hadn't vanished in the time i didn't have eyes on them.

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Credit: MUFON

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