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Monday, December 25, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Owings mills, Maryland on 2014-10-19 21:30:00 - Saw same thing twice. first time color changing blue orb that erratically moved side to side. second time blue orb turned direction beamed light then vanished.

I will start off by saying they are not ufos, they are angelical vehicles. i have had several sightings, on different occasions, thruought my life. it wasn't until i found out the truth, that i want everyone to know, they are being lied to. now on to this sighting, it was october of 2014, me and my girlfriend had made plans to go to this restaurant bar called the green turtle. it was at night when we went, around 9:30ish was the time. my girlfriend at the time lived in owings mills md so that's the green turtle that we went to. it actually was only a few minutes drive from her house, so we got there rather quickly. as soon as we had pulled into their parking lot i immediately noticed this large glowing blue orb behind to our left where we had parked, it was at the end of the lot hovering in a wooded area that has a large lake like pond and it was in the midst of some trees right next to a highway. the first thing i did was tell her to look because she had seen it before while in the car with me but never on her own. i pointed it out to her as i did the first time we had seen it. she's really lost when it comes to things of this nature so i got out of the car to investigate with my phone out but couldn't see it thru the phone even tho it was right in front above me. i started walking toward it until i got about 30 feet away from it then i stopped & just looked at it in pure amazement. it looked completely like it was & that's out of this world. i never had such a close sighting before & it made my heart feel as if it were going to beat out of my chest. it didn't make 1 sound none at all, it was completely silent & the night was silent. i proceeded to walk closer to it & that's when all of a sudden it rotated towards me emitting some sort of flash of light right before disintegrating as i looked. i became ecstatic at that point & yelled at myself "if i only had this on video". i was the only 1 out in the parking lot beholding this thing because it was rather cold out that night & my girlfriend had already went inside the restaurant when i got out of the car because she said she was cold but i didn't care, i wanted to see this thing up close & personal. i give all glory and thanks to the most high god for that special night.

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Credit: MUFON

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