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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Tallahassee, Florida on 1986-01-19 21:45:00 - Followed by object with faint pulsing surface light for 15 minutes. high speed exit.

Note – we tried to provide coordinates for the approximate locations where these events occurred. the logging roads in this area generally remain the same today but some of the old logging roads have become unused and almost hidden though evidence of them can still be seen on google maps and google earth. overview: this is a true account that has not been invented or embellished. it has only been discussed by the participants with family members and a very few select friends. this is the type of event that changes one’s perspective of the world. we are both grounded in science and the scientific method, in reasoning and believed there was a plausible explanation; one has yet to come to light. what we witnessed was close, occurred over a lengthy period of time, and ultimately defied the laws of physics and aerodynamics as we understood them. observer background: both observers witnessing this incident were adults, approximately 31 and 21 years old. both were us navy veterans at the time, one having 8 years in naval aviation in various aircrew and avionics roles including experience working nights for 70% of those 8 years. that work experience is relevant to this incident in that it included working at night around jet, turbine, and rotary-engine aircraft including fixed wing and helicopters at various naval air stations and aboard 3 different aircraft carrier flight decks while working 12 hours shifts at night as a flight deck troubleshooter. this included many months at sea and on flight lines in varying weather conditions observing high speed carrier-based fighter and bomber aircraft operations and low speed approaches as well as helicopter operations. the other observer had served a gunner’s mate aboard a us navy frigate and had combat experience aboard that vessel. both were experienced watch-standers, trained observers, possessed extensive experience in night operations, and were accustomed to working in extreme conditions under duress for long periods. both observers grew up in the local area where the incident occurred, both had extensive experience in the woods around that area specifically, in addition to familiarity with seasonal local weather phenomenon. both were avid hunters, campers, outdoorsmen and were former boy scouts and athletes. neither has any problems with substance abuse or mental illness. both observers are college educated and have advanced degrees. incident: after a day at the shooting range, and deciding to take the long way home through one of our favorite areas, our vehicle became stuck when trying to work around a large and deep mud hole in the road just on north side of the old wooden logging bridge crossing the saint marks river (30.320229, -84.128186), approximately 300 yards northeast of horn springs fl (30.319167, -84.128535) southeast of tallahassee florida. this road is shown today on the map as private road 2512 in leon county fl. because this occurred prior to cell phones, it was necessary to hike out to the area near the intersection of ww kelly, tram and old plank roads in order to reach homes that might have a phone we could call for assistance (30.370446, -84.126316). we took the rifles with us, locked the car and started what we believed would be an estimated 4 to 5-mile hike in the dark. the temperature was in the low-40’s as we departed the vehicle in full darkness however, the night was fairly brighter in the clear-cut areas and as the moon rose slightly that evening. the cloud cover had become broken to widely scattered, with a relatively high ceiling, at least 3,000 feet or higher. visibility was very good especially after moonrise. most of the surrounding woods were, and probably remain, a mix of native hardwood hammocks with old growth pine, lowland palmetto swamps interspersed with planted long-leaf pine fields. there were numerous cleared expanses where timber operations had stripped the planted pines out for commercial use. we reached an unnamed logging road that ran north and west from what is now known as private road 2512. as we trekked along that narrower sand double track, we began hearing wild hogs squealing off in the distance to the east and south of us, probably within 50 to as far out as 200 yards. the grunting and squealing were common to us but it continued to occur for longer than would be expected. the number of hogs and the amount of squealing was unusual. we had used all of the ammo for the rifles at the range so, having no protection against the hogs, we stayed near the trees in case we need to get up off the ground quickly. we began moving a bit quicker just to put the hogs behind us but the noise continued. at one point, a large sow with several piglets burst out of the palmettos within 50 to 60 yards, crossing the road behind us. hogs are noisy but these were seemingly agitated that night so we were on alert for unwanted pig encounters as they can be quite dangerous. occasionally, i would turn around and walk backward in 1 of the tracks, just watching our rear area for hogs. we had just come out of the trees, crossed a clear-cut area, and were about 100 yards from entering an area of low scrub oak when i noticed a light that appeared to be rising slowly off the ground, a light which then stopped about midway up the full height of the trees that were at the edge of the clearing (approximately 30.334774, -84.130406). this was the area we had just passed. we stopped and stood in the road discussing what this might be. we discussed the possibility that it was fog and being lit by the moonlight. the object seemed to be taking a more distinct shape and became almost cigar-shaped but having a flatter bottom than top, with the top having slightly more camber. it wasn’t really cigar or saucer-shaped but looked very aerodynamic like the cross-section of a jet wing yet not as tapered as a wing front to rear; this was more symmetrical from left to right. there was no dihedral from the angle we were viewing. as this more distinct shape was occurring, the object was lifting slightly and had reached nearly the same height as the trees behind it. there were no apparent appendages and no windows or portals. at about that time, we noticed there was a very faint change in color from dim white light to something in the pink/purple range but the color was almost imperceptible and seemed to be pulsing at a very low rate. there was absolutely no sound. at this point, we both notice the hogs had even become silent and simply thought it a coincidence. we stood and watched this object for what seemed like 5-10 minutes, from about 150 -200 yards away. during that time, we discussed the possible source of what we were seeing - fog, ice crystals, had we missed a new set of high power lines and this was some anomaly related to those things. we discussed it being a weather balloon, or group of helium balloons, or perhaps a parachute. we joked about this being a spacecraft and our being abducted and how would we know we hadn’t just been dropped off afterwards. it was tongue in cheek humor while we tried to rationalize this light and object. we discussed the possibility of a swarm of fireflies or possibly this being a band of foxfire we simply didn’t see when we passed it earlier. perhaps some form of lightning we hadn’t seen before. we considered each one until we exhausted all of the possibilities we could think of. it’s possible it could be any of those of something entirely different. we were being open minded because we both had experience misjudging distances and objects and direction at night in the military. at that moment, this was more of a curiosity to us than anything else. ultimately, it was cold that sunday night and we still had a long way to go before getting to a phone and waking up a family member to come pick us up. everyone had to work the next morning. so, we continued our trek. i continued to walk backwards watching the light and, as we neared a sharp bend in the road, we stopped again. it almost appeared as if this object was following us up the road. we had travelled another 100-150 yards and the object appeared to be closer behind us and having moved from the original location as we moved (30.334449, -84.132233). this seemingly ruled out most of the rational sources we had discussed previously. we were more than just curious at what we were witnessing at this point. the color was difficult to discern. it was almost necessary to look away slightly and view the object in one’s peripheral vision rather than look directly at it. the closest coloration i can think of is like that of annealed brass but it was infinitely subtler than that. or, it seemed like the air around the object was condensing water molecules and having an almost rainbow-like effect in the surface of the object, in moonlight! the color was pulsing at a very low rate. it had a strange translucent quality. none of this made sense and we did not know what we were witnessing. we picked up our pace significantly and rounded a sharp turn to the left (30.333880, -84.135339). we had trees and a bend in the path between us and the object. we took off on a sprint and ran to the next big turn in the road, perhaps 100 – 125 yards away. we could not see the object from we stopped (30.332290, -84.135807). as we were catching our breath, we discussed how ridiculous this was but also asked the question, what will we do if that object rounds the turn in the road? we were standing in the middle of the double track, still puzzling over what plausible explanation there might be for what we were seeing. after a minute, the object rose over the trees beside the curve, moving slowly. there was no sound, no change in the quality of the light it was emitting, but the object was clearly moving. either we coincidentally happened to be getting in its track or it was following us. the object stopped and hung motionless in the night sky, about 80 feet above the ground and 80-100 yards away. in size, it appeared to be about 100-120 feet wide from our perspective. in the center, it seemed to be approximately 7-10 feet thick from top to bottom. it still made no sound and we could not discern how deep the object might be from front to back. the odd faint pulsing light and aura continued. still, we saw no appendages or openings in the object. curiosity finally got the better of us and we started walking towards the object. we concluded we would resolve what this was right then. we had probably gone 20 yards when the object lifted higher off the ground, quite suddenly, and then moved off to the northeast, at a rate i have never seen any us or nato fighter aircraft move, even at mach speeds, and then climb in a long and incredibly unbelievable parabolic climb away from our location and up into the cloud layer and out of sight. we did not see the object again during the remainder of the hike out of the area. the next day, after obtaining assistance getting the vehicle unstuck, i drove back to the location where we first saw the object the night before. it was a cold, clear and sunny morning. there i walked the area where the object appeared to rise off the ground and found no evidence that anything had been on the ground or near those trees. i drove the exact route we used to walk out the night before, stopping to walk those few areas where we thought the object had stopped. there was no evidence of any sort that could be found. summation: 1. in hindsight, we believe the hogs were coincidental and therefore unrelated to what we saw. 2. we feel fairly certain that it was not local weather phenomenon such as fog, a low inversion layer, fireflies, foxfire, lightning, a parachute or balloons. 3. while we cannot explain what this object was, it was (a) moving, (b) appeared to be under control, and (c) seemed to be following us (or we happened to travel in its intended path). 4. the object departed the area at a speed that cannot be accomplished by any known aircraft. 5. the object departed in complete silence. 6. there was no wind, no vortices, and no sound barrier being broken yet it left at a rate of speed much higher than the sound barrier. 7. the trees and foliage around the area were undisturbed upon its exit. 8. the g-forces that would have been imparted on a human at that speed would be not be survivable. 9. we simply do not know what we witnessed that night. 10. it remains an incredibly fascinating experience and a great unexplained mystery. 11. neither of us have seen anything like this since but at least one of us would welcome a chance to see it again. footnote: without ever having discussed the incident above, a co-worker once relayed his experience as an mp sergeant, in the florida national guard, of his unit being assigned to guard an air force mobile radar unit near camp blanding florida, where there were supposedly numerous reports of an object of similar description having been seen multiple times leaving wooded remote areas similar to our experience in the florida panhandle. according to his story, the air force had received calls about such incidents such that it caused them to put several mobile radar units in the area over a few months and various national guard units were assigned to provide site security. the context of our discussion was along the lines of crazy things we did in the military but i never shared my story with him about my night in the woods. the two completely different locations and descriptions seem to have possible correlation since they occurred relatively closely geographically and within a few years of each other.

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