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Thursday, December 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2017-12-06 00:00:00 - Dark craft with unrecognizable lights witnessed at a distance. dropped single bright white light that disappeared before impact with ground.

I was driving home along the 210 freeway heading westbound, just before the 118. it was between 11:10 and 11:20pm there have been, and continue to be, large brush fires in the area, so stars weren't visible. yet there was still a small cluster of lights that didn't appear to be moving very quickly or behaving like helicopter lights that drew my eye. my initial reaction was that it was probably a plane or, more likely, a helicopter surveying the fire damage or perhaps performing some sort of fire rescue operation or something. i then noticed that the lights on the object were arranged across the entire body (as far as i could tell) of the craft. there seemed to be two central lights that maintained a white light while three other blue lights would turn on and off sequentially from right to left across the object. it's possible they wrapped all the way around the craft, but size and shape were impossible to tell at that distance and without any other illumination in the sky. there was also one consistent green light next to the two white lights. the light display seemed out of the ordinary for a helicopter as the only way for the blue lights to have been so spread out was if they were arranged from the head to the tail of quite a sizable helicopter. if this were the case, based on the direction the object was traveling, the lights must have been lighting up from tail to head. i've never seen such lights on a helicopter, but i'm no expert. upon first seeing the object it seemed to be moving slowly to the north. it paused briefly and then dropped a bright white light. the light appeared immediately below the other lights, traveled very quickly toward the ground and winked out about halfway between the object and the ground. the object then started floating slowly to the south. it should be noted that although it was first moving one way and then the other, the arrangement of lights did not appear to change. the blue lights continued from the right side of the craft to the left, and the other lights, although they winked off on occasion, did not reorient themselves as if they were facing a different direction. upon seeing the object i definitely did a double take, but i remained calm. i attempted to take a picture on my phone, but the sky was too dark and the object was too far away for it to register on the picture. it didn't help that i was driving a moving car, either. i kept my eyes on it as long as possible (without endangering myself or any other drivers) and tried to note the arrangement of lights. it wasn't until that "flare" dropped from the object that i was really surprised by what i was looking at. at that point i thought perhaps this wasn't jus an odd assortment of lights on a really big helicopter. i eventually passed under the craft and could no longer see it.

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Credit: MUFON

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