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Monday, December 25, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Goleta, California on 2017-12-22 17:31:00 - Steel like color but dull ( not shinning) with rings around surface and a beam with a shape of lights on 270 degrees, no noise whatsoever. figured eights interacting with similar object of a smaller size many times up and down and up and down

I was coming back from san francisco and i arrived to the north side of santa barbara, after passing the tunnels at the gaviota state park area when i said to my friend ( who i was speaking on the phone for the last 40 minutes) "what is that!". i realized that there were very bright lights up in the sky moving around,( i told my friend, "you don't believe what i just saw, something different in the sky). i continued for another 20 seconds and then, i had to stop on the south part of the tunnels just after the curve, i stopped at the cliff and i realized that my radio ( satellite radio) stopped transmitting, so my call with my friend got disconnected ) i tried to take a picture and the light was so bright that was blinding me and i felt a little disoriented. i continued to watch these two objects: there were both of undetermined shape to me, because by then, the sunset already has settled, so the only part that was visible was the front of the vehicles, like a rounded shape, the light emitted by these vehicles was very bright ( color was white platinum, grayish) it illuminated the pacific ocean underneath.The light hurt my brain, one of these objects was a bit smaller than the other. they positioned themselves in various directions and they flew in figure eights up and down and other directions like "interacting with each other", in the interim, i observed other flying objets around them but much, much, smaller like rods and tiny compare to the size of the other two (with respect of the smaller rod shaped objects, some were platinum silver color and the other ones orange). no, going back to the two larger object emanating lights, at one point the larger ship positioned itself hovering ( no noise) on top of the smaller one, they were both separated with considerable distance, but hovering with no noise, then from the bottom of the smaller vessel there was a line of plasma or steam in a straight line that went all the way to the pacific ocean surface, ( like a column of water? steam? something!) and from the top of the small vessel there was another line of steam or "energy" with a bright light emaneting from it connecting directly to the bottom of the larger object. they stayed like this for a while. after that, they moved from this position and they interacted in different flying patterns until they disappeared in the horizon moving further west toward the direction of the channel islands. ( not catalina,anacapa nor santa cruz islands, but the ones less known up north from those. 40 minutes later, i arrived to my home in ventura county and i told my sons what had happened. later that evening we heard all kinds of news about the well known vandenberg air force falcon4 spacex launched that evening. this is what i don't understand: i want to clarify that i moved to the coast of ventura county in 2002, i am very familiar with the skys and the ocean in the area. i know about vandenberg and i have witnessed the launch of their products many times through the years. what i saw on december 22 is not the same as other launches. two objects interacting with variable patterns i just described is so different. i also saw pics of the trajectory from phoenix az the local news channels posted on their broadcasts. nothing looked like my observation and pics. i would like to know what is your professional opinion. in fact, these objects were interacting in figure eights and vertically, exchanging some type of energy or material, or water drawn form the ocean. these objects were totally silent. actually everything was crisp and strangely quiet. when i arrived home, i had this headache and this mild very minimal disorientation, my son, watched the pictures i have taken on my cell phone, and that's when he realized that one of the pictures was a "live" pic on my iphone when i played it, we saw the millisecond video and how basically i saw these events. it did not capture everything, but enough to realize that nobody in the media showed these pictures. i just don't know what happened to me, i remember searching for a good view angle, looking through the eye of the camera in my cell phone, but suddenly i feel that it's gotten darker alltogether and i did not recall having taking the picture that i discovered when i arrived at home. i remember that the light was so intense that was disorienting. again, i don't think i lost track of time, but still had a 'weird" feeling about it. i remember that i was having problems with my iphone camera.It wouldn't focus or take the picture. i wish i could send you the "live" sequence, it's short but worth while seeing it. note: please be aware that i have lived in the ventura and s. barbara counties throughout the last 17 of my life and i know the ins and outs of these counties. i am a connoisseur of the area., so things don't impress me as this event that i am trying to explain how could i have seen something so different than what the media is showing. thanks best

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Credit: MUFON

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