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Monday, December 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Kansas City, Missouri on 2017-12-15 00:00:00 - Very bright star like light appeared and then began slowly fading smaller and smaller until invisible, all while apparently flying up and away from my vantage point.

I believe it was around 7:00 pm cst on dec. 15, 2017, it had recently become fully dark. i was letting my dog out and always look up at the stars and planes flying around, scanning sections of sky piece by piece. i first looked over a small section of sky directly to the south, then moved over to the sw. when looking back from the sw to view the se section of sky, i noticed a very bright light in the southern sky that i hadn't noticed before, and i at first thought must be a commercial airliner flying low with their landing lights on, the kansas city airport is within 10-15 miles of my home. but, as i kept watching the light i couldn't see any strobe or flashing light like a typical aircraft would have and it didn't seem to be moving at all in the sky. the light stayed the same size and brightness and apparently stationary for maybe 2-3 seconds from when i first noticed it, but then the light began very slowly fading out and appeared to be moving in an upwardly and southern direction, or up and away from my vantage point. within probably 10-15 seconds the large bright light had shrunken to the smallest barely visible point of light in the sky and finally disappeared. that sighting was actually the second time i have seen that exact thing happen within the past 4 months. the first time, i was about 3 miles from the recent sighting at a friend's house and looking to the north sky. it was almost the same situation though, i had been watching the stars and some planes go by in a section of sky, looked away for a few seconds and then back, and a bright light that looked like a really bright star appeared. same again, i noticed the lack of strobe lights and it began very slowly fading smaller and smaller while apparently moving up and away from me until it disappeared.

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Credit: MUFON

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