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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Montville, Connecticut on 2017-12-02 00:00:00 - I have three solid videos im sending in, i see stuff all the time, i'm like the guy from australian sky's but american lol

I have been seeing things in the sky on and off for a little over a decade but the past few years i have seen alot, i guess u could say a sympathy card because before i had videos and witnesses i was looked at as crazy which i wasn't so i was pretty quiet but people like to make things up and act like ur actually crazy and add there own details to my life so i didn't even have chances with new people in my area because someone from my past would know them so i think who ever fly's these things feels like i should be known as a regular person and not some joke left to rot and be miserable. anyway i see stuff alot now days and by will. the videos im going to post kinda prove that aspect seeming they r all outside of my home and in one video i even give a little bit of instructions so it goes along with what i'm saying. the other two videos are pretty good too one seems like how the phoenix lights were and the other video has a craft flying towards me then over head beaming a laser out of it. i have other videos of course and like i said i see stuff at will do if anyone at mufon would like to talk to me and maybe have me on a show or something we could even make a movie for all i care, i have never seen anyone connect with em the way i do, sometimes i'm even skeptical of showing certain people because i do get the occasional scaredy cat who has to run and hide which i do my best to say all is good, i have never made direct contact nor have i ever been abducted which is good, but i can assure u unless our world governments have sick tech to accomplish warp speed with a v shape craft the size of a navy ship then they gotta be from another planet but who knows right. over all get back to me asap, i have been wanting to contact y'all to get this ball on the road and i will be moving to la in january so i won't be far and i have all kinds of things people have never seen, for the times we live in right now i think the world needs someone like myself... i would like to get that side of stuff more adjusted before making it public bank cause the topic is so touched, don't want people to think it's related to religion or anything like that because it's something the complete opposite which is to help all the lost people seeing life for what it truly isn't, like i said when i get into town we can work on that together but for now check the videos and tell me what u think

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Credit: MUFON

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