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Saturday, December 2, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Santa Paula, California on 2017-10-29 03:15:00 - Orbs took shape and began to walk

October 30th about 3 a.M. i just getting out of the shower when i noticed a strange light coming out of the hillside normally not there the lights went back into the actual by that time i grab my phone which i'm taking out the cdd lens with infrared light giving my phone night vision with ir lights within a few seconds i noticed that there was a strange orange glowing different colors five of them and before i knew what they were like really close from where they started within moments sign near hubbard over the trailer park next to where i live and begin to stretch out and take almost human-like form but glowing figures green and white and silver colors coming out one was an amber color the other to what i can bluish-white they kind of circle and congregated on top of one of the rooftop like a greenish white one with a bright glow seemed have been the meaning one leader perhaps as they communicated by gesture up on the rooftop then begin to walk in human-like manner the whole time this is glow coming out of each one of them who at first was looking at me oddly when is she saw herself she too was taken by surprise and handed me back the phone in disbelief and what we have just seen.. my wife being friends said for me to close the window and forget it all but i recorded the whole thing i have it on my phone for a couple days afterwards it's more activity not quite the same strange orbs in kind of pop in and out of these bushes you can see them if they're interacting these two i have on recorded on sd i probably got close to a 45 minutes activity.

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Credit: MUFON

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