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Monday, December 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Sunrise Beach, Missouri on 2017-12-09 20:20:00 - Line of lights across the sky

On december 9th around 8:26 pm my wife and i seen what appeared to be a stationary, cluster like formation of blinking lights in the south eastern sky, they then formed into a line and passed over us in a north westerly direction....They blinked and appeared to move in unison, as if they were part of a single craft however we could see stars around and in between, each individual blinking light....This experience was unnerving enough that we called 911, the dispatcher informed me that we were the fifth caller about these lights and they had an officer with a visual as we spoke...The dispatcher also said they were going to make some calls about this and would contact us with any information they learned...We have yet to hear back from them...... it took this line of lights 20 minutes to pass over our location....As they got further away they appeared to resume the cluster like formation which i believe was actually caused by a difference in altitude of the individual objects that couldn't be distinguished while it was overhead.....I observed the distance the line itself covered and timed a jet the next day to see how long it took the jet to cover the same distance that the line of lights took up in the sky.....It took the jet 1 minute and 45 seconds to cover the same distance that the line of lights took up in the sky.....Based on this, i'm guessing the line itself to be 10+ miles in length.....As they passed over there was no noise at all, we were trying to take pictures and video and were experiencing a lot of trouble with our camera shutting off....We also experienced trouble with our land line telephone when we tried to call 911 the phone went dead and had a constant high pitched mono tone beep that lasted for 4 minutes even after hanging the phone up on the base several times.....The brief footage i was able to capture shows only the part of the line that fit in the cameras view.....From end to end, it stretched over a huge portion of the sky. i do not believe this to be any sort of man made or operated craft and i believe anyone who seen it would agree with my assumption. i am willing to undergo a polygraph concerning what i witnessed and would love to hear any further information you may obtain from any other reports on this incident. i will also send the video footage i was able to get when i'm contacted by an investigator.

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Credit: MUFON

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