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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Lakewood Township, New Jersey on 1989-09-30 00:00:00 - Dark, diamond shaped, silent, airborne object, glowing edges, dark blue/black color

I was out walking my dog at night, late fall, in 1989. i noticed a dull light and movement overhead, but no sound. the light approached quickly from the east, hovered overhead, silently, for a matter of seconds . i looked at it, and noted its shape, and decided it was time to get inside, as i was unable to identify it as anything familiar. as soon as picked up my dog (a small sheltie) and started to move towards the house, the object stopped hovering and moved rapidly in a northwesterly direction. i quickly lost sight of it as it flew away. it was gone before i got in the door. there was no sound, no breeze, no other distinguishing feature to it, just the reflected light on it (though it mostly appeared dark, with its edges lit up). it had a smooth, quick approach over some trees, probably 300'-500' overhead, perpendicular to flight paths usually taken by commercial planes overhead. we lived about 60 miles south of the newark (nj) airport, and planes are not that low then, and commonly had planes for the nearby air force base flying overhead. this was like neither of those things. the air force planes are loud and unmistakeable for what they are. this was much smaller than one of those, and again, totally silent, and the shape was not like anything i'd seen before. not a helicopter or plane. there were no other planes visible to me at the time, no traffic on the road in my development. i was out there alone with the dog. i told my husband about it after it occurred, and joked that the dog and i had a near miss from being abducted by aliens. i never reported it (no internet then), and who would i have called??

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Credit: MUFON

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