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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on 1968-07-07 00:00:00 - Looked like diamond shining brightly from 10 miles away disc up close

During a visit to san antonio, tx. i accompanied my brother to visit friends. after midnight, we drove home on hwy 281, before there were expressway 37. when we stopped for gas right before we intersected loop 410, i noticed an object south of us that shined like a diamond. as we approached the object, it was hovering on a hill to the west of the hwy 281. we thought it was a water tower that had been decorated with christmas lights. but then the ship started to float down from the top of the hill and stopped right above our car. my brother and i looked out of the car windows and could not believe what we were seeing. the ship then crossed the hwy 281 towards the east and stopped on the other side of the northbound lane. we had to proceed south until we reached the turnaround and came back to where the ship was still hovering. i was driving and got out of the car and told my brother to stay by the car and try to stop any cars that were approaching. no cars approached during this time. i walked on to the grass area away from the hwy 281 and went under the ship to examin what it could be. i sensed there were two giant figures in front of me and i kept asking what they wanted or who were they. i got no answers but as soon as i stepped back to use the upcoming full moon to silhouette the figures or their ship, and it immediately moved north about two bloks, so i got in my car and followed it. but as soon as i got out again, it moved back to its original spot. i had to cross over and go back to where i first parked. the ship moved east again and i ended up having to go south to turn around and come back to the same spot. the ship seemed to react to me trying to use the moon to get a better sense of the shape, but then it moved north again and i moved my car to where it had moved to, but as soon as i got out of the car, the ship moved to the original spot and then floated and moved west along the hill top and we lost track of it. we then decided to drive home. we told our parents what had happened, but it was hard for them to believe. then in 1992 around november, i woke up in my bedroom and four small grey aliens were floating me through a wall and headed to my bed where mu wife was sleeping. i could not move and was floating in the air about three feet above the floor. i could not move my body, but i could move my head. i could not talk, but i started grunting to try to wake up my wife. she finally stirred and sat up on the bed and proceeded to rub her eyes to wake up and see what the noise was. as soon as the four little aliens realized she was going to turn and see me being accompanied by these greys that they instantly disappeared and i plummeted to the floor without the ability to move my arms. i hit the floor very hard and hurt my wrists. i still could not talk and my wife got out of bed, without seeing the creatures, and helped me get up and pushed me to the bathroom. i could not talk so i was gasping for air and bent down to the sink to try to put water in my mouth, but at first i could not swallow, so i straighted up and saw myself in the mirror and was shocked to see that my neck was stretched out from my earlobe to my shoulders, and i realized what had happened to me i put some water in my mouth and finally a small trickle went down my throat and suddenly my throat oppend up and i was able to swallow water and my neck shrunk back to normal. my wife and now ex-wife still does not believe what happened to me. in other words, i have not been able to solve my experience but i know i woke up on them and they were startled to see me awake and actually get to see them. they come when you are asleep and bring you back and leave you asleep and when you wake up, you don't remember what happened. i want help because something made me wake up and i want to persue that so that we can learn what made me wake up and give this knowledge to the world, unless i am in the wrong and am supposed to keep quiet. i am 68 years old and i don't want to die without getting any help from anyone. please contact me before i am no longer available to share this story. if you can help, please let me know. i don't want to become a mufon investigator, as i was once when i was trying to get help. mufon only wanted me for that. i am getting tired and losing hope. i want to help you solve this mystery. i don't know if i am dealing with god or his messengers or something else completely.Thank you for providing me with this form of communications. i wait anxiously. your friend always.

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Credit: MUFON

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