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Thursday, December 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Dade City, Florida on 2010-10-15 00:00:00 - I was meditating on a 45 acre hill in the middle of the night, when i recall in my meditations something telling me to think about aliens. as soon as i did, a craft hovered close by then moved above me.

About 7 years ago i was 22, and i had decided that i would move out to a communal property in order learn how to grow my own food and to work on a path of spiritual enlightenment. i had become incredible proficient in meditating and found a calling to become a healer. at the time of the encounter i had been working with healing through the human energy field and i had become pretty good at it. one night i took my dog up on the large hill that was attached to the property i was staying on. i was meditating for about 30 minutes when all of a sudden i was forced to think about aliens. i had not gone into this meditation with any of this possibly on my mind already, so i was curious. an energy in my head pulled my thoughts towards their direction (north of me) until i finally opened my eyes and witnessed a craft hovering over some pine trees about 200 feet away from my location. it flew towards me, then shot west without and maneuvering. i couldn't see where it went, but then it reappeared right above the same trees it originally appeared to me above. both times it seemed as if they had guide lights colored white and red on the front of the craft. it slowly moved toward me again, but this time as it crossed over my head i had the urge to snap my fingers. i reached up, snapped my fingers, and immediately a huge beam of light come over me. i remember being excited and thinking "beam me up scotty" in an excited tone, but i don't remember actually being beamed up. what i do remember was three people who looked like humans observing me. i feel like they were mentally connecting with me in order to do this because i don't know how else i would have seen them with such detail in that light. they were white skinned people dressed in government looking uniform. there was one lady and two men. they never once were nice or smiled, they just seemed to want to see who was able to mentally attract them. a few days later i went and tried to meditate again during the day. i had an overwhelming negative energy bombard me that completely made me stop meditating for 2 years. i slowly have worked my way into meditation again and feel i have much more guard up now in case something of the sort were to happen again. i have slowly become a healer again, but not as proficient as i was back then. last week i had a healing from a reiki master that made me recall more of what happened. i remember after the ship leaving, i ran frantically down the hill screaming and crying. i got to the bedroom i was staying in and felt panicky and continued to cry until i went to sleep. i did not remember when i woke up that i had a scary encounter. i had thought to myself, maybe it was a dream, but if not, at least i'm okay. i thought maybe they were nice. i was never able to put the negative energy bombardment and the aliens in the same context. i thought maybe i opened my third eye too fast and that happened to slowly down my path, but i was never neither allowed nor able to connect the two together. i firmly believe i was in shock for the last 7 years and could not recall the situation properly. i now know inside of me that energy was cast by them to deter me from accessing my mental powers. i used to have complete control over my breath before that as well, and could never remember to mindfully take full breaths again until i remembered the rest of the story and realized that i had allowed them to take something from me. i immediately felt my healing powers come back and i breathe the way i had taught myself in the 10 months prior to my encounter. this is my story, and its all i remember so far. something tells me that the beam and the apparition of these people is all i remember, but not all that happened. now that i can recall how terrified i was leaving that hill, i trully believe and feel that there was more to the story that i cannot access in my memory. my dog had stayed with me throughout the whole encounter as well. i remember him being calm, as if he had no idea they were there.

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Credit: MUFON

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