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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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UFO Sighting in North Canton, Ohio on 2017-11-26 20:05:00 - Saw big bright light round ball fly over car less than 15,000 ft.And 2sec. later it gone

Driving north on i77 between 8:00-8:05pm november. i looked over toward the cak airport which was about mile or two from when i was because i saw and airline making an approach from far out. the plane was heading south in it's approach (this is important) as airlines never land approaching from the south in cak. they always approach southwest and actually fly over i-77. but at the time it didn't occur to me. the importance of this. as i looked quickly at the airliner lights in the distance. then zoom! a bright white glowing ball with no sound, no vapor trails, nothing. just a bright glowing ball zoomed over the cars on the highway heading north on i-77 in n.Canton. i would say by time my eyes saw it at the top of my windshield to just lowering my eyes to follow it in the distance it was gone. this lasted at least 2sec. this light wasn't like seeing shooting star where you are looking almost straight up breaking your neck to see it. my head was just slightly tilted up. i was able to see the light zip by the car just by looking out at the top of my windshield. i called the airport to see if the approaching pilot reported this, but they were no help. then it occurred to me. the jet was approaching the airport from the north heading south instead of heading southwest. which would have put the jet in the path of this glowing ball of light. i've never seen anything fly that fast, not even the jets at an airshow with the afterburners on. as least with airshow fighter jets i can follow them. this light was gone and out of sight in 2 sec. this was the fastest ""flyby"" i ever witnessed. i've seen airforce thunderbirds flyby's at the cleveland airshows. they couldn't even touch the speed this light went. it was incredible.

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Credit: MUFON

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