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Monday, December 25, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Enfield, Connecticut on 1974-03-15 22:15:00 - Telepathic communication, close contact with vehicle, green glow inside car

In mid-march 1974 on a friday evening around 10:15 pm, i was returning home from a friend's house. my dad and i planned to fly our radio control planes the next morning, so i wanted to get home somewhat early. i stopped at a 3-way intersection near an open field and a farmhouse. the roads around the area were originally cow paths and wandered through open fields and new developments. i saw some lights off to my right about 1000 feet away. they didn't seem to be following the natural curve of the road. i had just got my driver's license 4 months earlier, and didn't want to take any chances, so i waited. the next instant, i realized this was no car. it came to within 300 feet of my car at an altitude of 100 feet and hover. it was silvery-blue, like steel looks after being exposed to heat. it had a faint orange glow appearing from its underside. i estimated the craft to be 25 feet in diameter and 10 feet high. i stared at it for a few seconds and watched it move rapidly towards me at the same height. i expected to see it outside my drivers's side window as it moved past, but it was gone. somehow, i had to find it. i opened the window, looked straight up, and there it was, right above me. it's color was now more of a dull silver-red. i could not see the entire craft, only the first 1/3 of the circle. someone told me to get my head back inside the car and close the window. i was alone in the car and no one else was outside. then, i noticed a green glow surrounding all the controls in the car. this glow outlined the shapes for about 1/2 inch in all directions. my head was facing forward, but i couldn't move it to any other position. the best i could do was to force my eyes to look down at the clutch, brake and gas pedals. i was surprised to see the same green glow around them, even though they should have been hidden from any light beam from above by the instrument panel. i tried to put the car in gear and get away, but i had little movement of my arms and could not move the shift lever more than 1 inch. suddenly, i remembered the event when i was 8 years old. a voice in my head said they had returned as promised. my response was typically sarcastic. i asked them if they really came all that distance to scan the technology used in a 1972 ford pinto. they next indicated some confusion and i also felt an underlying feeling of humor. maybe they liked my attempt at humor? apparently not. i was told to sit still. i thought this strange, since it felt like my body weighed 5 times as much already. the green glow disappeared, but i was directed to look in the rear view mirror. i saw cars coming, but they all were turning down a side street, and it appeared like their headlights were dimming. everything outside of a narrow circle in the center of field was black. next, all returned to normal. i noticed a bright light about 1500 feet off to my right and about 300 feet high. i was followed by the object at about 1000 feet off my right side even as the roads twisted. i pulled off at the top of a hill and got out of the car. the craft then went ahead of me and hovered about 2000 feet away adn 400 feet high over a drainage pond. we stared at each other for a few minutes. it then got a very bright white and immediately rose straight up, appearing as a tiny white dot against the star field. i wanted to help them as long as they didn't hurt me. i don't know if they read my thoughts, but indicated i would see them again, but not here. i wasn't sure what that meant. i got home at 11:05 pm. my parents were still up and asked me what was wrong, since i was white as a ghost. i apologized for getting home late, but they weren't concerned, as they could trust me. my dad asked for some help packing our planes for the next day. he asked me what happened. he suggested we call the airport (bradley field, now bradley international airport). the first person i talked to at the control tower told me they had seen a fast-moving object on radar at that time and in my location. he wanted to know if i had any additional information. i told him i did. another call came in, so he put me on hold. a few moments later, another person picked up and said the first person was in error. i asked to speak with the first person, but was told he just left, since his shift was over. (in the middle of my phone call?) i called the next day and was told the same story - the airport radar operator i spoke with originally was unavailable. i was reminded that he saw nothing and was asked not to bother them anymore. i decided they would be of no help.

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Credit: MUFON

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