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Sunday, December 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Mendocino, California on 1986-09-30 00:00:00 - Bright soundless orb that cast very sharp shadows from behind bushes

This has probably already been reported in other forms considering we're a community of rural hippies. about 1986 in late fall or winter, i woke up one night because the blankets over my feet were vibrating. earthquakes are fairly common in the area and i thought that was probably the cause but outside was an intensely bright light like a welding arc that cast sharp shadows on the walls and the trees outdoors but it was silent and steady. there was a gravel road beside the house lined w/ some bushes that cast the shadows. the gravel betrayed anyone that walked on it, even deer, but especially a car which might have had its headlights on. the light was too intense for headlights and there was no sound, so i got up and started to go down to see what it was, thinking that it looked like some kind of ufo. as i made it to the stairs, i visualized some course of events; i could check it out and go back to bed w/ my girlfriend and baby daughter, or i could check it out and disappear forever. not a hard choice, but i then felt fearful, the decision seemed to affect it, and the light went out. the next day i checked out the spot on the driveway where it had been, there was no sign that i could see. a few days later my neighbor (betty deutche sp?) said that on that night her back door was rattling (vibrating like the blankets on my bed) like someone was trying to get in. a month or two later i heard that traffic had been roadblocked for awhile on comptche rd around that time(?) by military people w/ green uniforms and rifles, and that a saucer had been seen traveling up one of the higher ridges between orr springs and ukiah. sorry i don't know the person who told me & didn't put the 2 events together till later. mufon might have a record of it though since the craft and the roadblock was seen by several people.

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Credit: MUFON

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