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Sunday, December 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in South Glens Falls, New York on 2013-06-15 21:00:00 - Came from the stars about 30 orange orbs forming a large circle 100 of feet across then broke apart to form a boomerang shape and shot north west , 5 witnesses,

It was almost summer in glens falls new york , a clear warm evening i had just moved back here from portland oregon so i was staying in a house with room rentals. a husband and wife lived in the house they were outside at a picnic table they new the girl i was dating so we were all drinking a few beers hanging out there were a couple other people there, i never believed in aliens or ufo before this, anyway it was just a normal night but after whatever this was it has completely changed my perception on life and has given me a hunger for knowledge, so my girlfriend at the time her name was alicia , standing behind me she pointed at the sky and said, oh my god what is that? i turned and looked and it was a tear drop shape coming into our atmosphere then still very high in the atmosphere it broke apart into abut 30 orange circle like craft forming a large ferris wheel like circle and just stood in the night sky for like 10 seconds then the orbs all drifted off from the large circle and formed a perfect v shape at that time and moment i got scared it felt like an invasion it hovered in that position a couple of seconds and then shot northwest . we kept watching it because it was so igh in the air you could watch fly for a while, then it was gone and we sat there stunned, and i thought it was like a russian invasion or something but there was no sound and i never seen anything like it again so i tried researching it that's when i started learning about ufo and aliens so all my books all my movies everything is trying to figure out this event

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Credit: MUFON

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