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Monday, December 4, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Challenge-Brownsville, California on 2017-11-25 22:30:00 - Bright light in trees.

Hello my name is christine aldred i'm 68 years old, my husband name is richard. i am very reluctant to tell our story, its comprised of several strange things. my friend lets me use her computer to report this event. i was asked by a personal acquaint (daryl) to write my story and submit it to you, we would like to stay completely anonymous and we mean completely, as i fear the reprisal and ridicule from my neighbors and friends. we were asleep when we were awakened around 10:30 pm we noticed a bright red-orange light outside shining through the window, waking richard and believing it was an emergency vehicle, we got dressed went outside and observed a pulsating red-orange light in the trees approximately 100 yards from our home near the creek. we were unable to see the source that was creating the anomaly, there was no sound just a pulsing light within the trees. at first, we thought someone had gotten hurt and an ambulance or some sort of emergency vehicle was in the tree line, oddly there was no sound, no talking or radio chatter, no bugs, no birds. we started walking towards the light and a feeling of someone or something came over us as if we were being watched or someone watching you, we felt very uncomfortable and frighten to continue towards the light, we walked maybe 10 feet from our home and richard said we need to return to the house get the camera and snap some pictures, once we returned to our home we grabbed our camera and went back outside it took 10 seconds to get our camera and go back out side, just at that moment, there was a bright flash of light, and the light was gone, complete silence no noise of a motor, like a scooter or any aircraft type vehicle. we attempted to rationalize what we had just witnessed, both of us said it was possibly a game warden on a 4 wheel scooter going down into the bluff, so we went back to bed. once settled back to bed we heard a loud bang in the garbage area, both of us already feeling a bit unsettled richard looked out the window and noticed a brown figure sanding digging in the garbage, we have a large dumpster with a lid that closes and latches, richard and i jumping back out of bed rushed to the window to see what it could be, a possible bear looking for a meal, the figure was standing on two feet lid open and reaching in the dumpster with the other arm. we were too frightened to go outside, if it was a bear, it's hungry, and possibly feeding young cubs. we attempted to take a picture through the window and only got a flashback in the camera, we noticed that the bear was startled when the light from the camera flashed and it moved away from the dumpster area. about 20 minutes later we heard a loud bang outside, we rushed to the window and noticed that the dumpster is now on laying on its side and dumped, richard decided to go outside with a bear banger to scare the bear away from the garbage, i followed him out the door but saw nothing at the dumpster area other then garbage, we set off the bear banger, off to the distance in the tree line where the light had been observed just moments ago we heard an awful scream, not a human scream but an animal scream, off in the distance stood a very large figure with red glowing eyes looking at us, it was extremely frightening and was very large, the intense figure moved in to the tree line and disappeared quickly, this was no bear, it was a human like figure with extraordinary large proportions, extremely broad at the shoulders. we moved as fast as we could to our home and locked the door, we called the game warden and they said it was possibly a bear, just stay inside and they will send someone out tomorrow, after explaining to them the extraordinary evening we have had they didn’t want to send a warden out to help, you could hear the condescending attitude in the phone conversation, we know this was no bear, we believe we witnessed a ufo and a bigfoot all in one evening, it walked and stood there looking at us. we contacted some researchers out of sacramento to investigate the bigfoot sighting and the lead founder daryl gave me your website information to report the ufo. once again we are very worried about reprisal and ridicule so please just use what i have said and hope this helps in your search for ufo's. the pictures i have included are the pictures we took of the tree line and dumpster. respectfully christine and richard aldred

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Credit: MUFON

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