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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Dandenong North, Victoria on 2017-12-22 00:00:00 - I went out with my camera intending to get a photo as i've had other sightings in the past, managed to get photos and was amazed.

Ok something strange and wonderful happened to me today 22/12/2017 i've had lots of ufo sightings since our 1993 sighting when 6 or 7 of us were witnesses to an awe inspiring sight and definitely a ufo, so it has become a real hobby of mine . i am so fascinated with the subject after that experience. and i often look up the latest ufo news at different websites online and watch lots of docos on the subject...And i'm always watching the sky to see what i can see up there. some of my sightings have been more interesting, strange and profound than others like stars doing amazing zig zagging and fast zipping white lights etc but tonight at around 7 to 7.15pm give or take a 1/2 hour or so i went outside with my camera determined to capture something in a photo so people would believe me...I know how so many people laugh at such things even my own family here laughs at me or tries to make these encounters seems silly or absurd i had a real intention going on to prove to them that there are things that we don't know about up there in the sky. so i went out and started snapping photos of the beautiful blue sky , it was a very clear sky at that time, so beautiful in my garden and still not dark at all. i was thanking god and the angels and thanking mother nature for her beauty ,i was talking to them ( our space brothers) in my mind saying come out wherever you are..And is anyone out there, come and get your photo taken ..Etc etc ..It was very funny when i think about it, but i enjoy and appreciate my little eccentricities,..Suddenly after i'd taken a few photos of the sky with nothing on them i noticed to my right high up.But not so high that i couldn't see it plainly something came flying across the sky and it was not a balloon ,plane , drone, bat , bird, helicopter, kite or satellite or anything else you might think of that we know of , it was not a familiar object as i've seen all these things flying in the sky and do know the difference..This thing was on a direct path and seemed to know where it was going. it had a slight shimmering halo around it and was like a sphere, quite dark, black and silver in colour i think the silver was the sun reflecting off it..?..I've seen a similar one before that was directly above me which had stopped and hovered for a few seconds that was last year ,but this one just cruised past me from another direction, coming from the west..I was absolutely amazed and started snapping photos , it was soundless and very odd. i thought it was changing shape from an egg looking shape to a ball or sphere shape as i watched it , i got the feeling that it knew that i could see it just as my other sightings were when i had the strangest feeling that it could see me. ..I know that sounds strange but that's what it's like when you see these ufo's in the sky. this is so amazing as i feel i have caught a ufo on my camera at last...All of my sightings have been different over the years and never the same craft or light. if you look at my photos some will have nothing on them but a small black dot but check out the ones that do have something on them, if you make the photos much larger there is no doubt that it is some kind of craft and it was not a balloon if you could see how it was flying past me, it curved and then went straight north/ east flying and not floating like a balloon would do. i made some of the photos larger so i could see it more clearly and no, i did not photoshop or do any art on them to make any of these look like a ufo, i truly saw this strange object that flew near me and had no sound at all. i'm saying wow to myself over and over again ! ..In all i only took about 5 or 6 photos of it but some are the originals and some i made the image larger to see it clearly.I wonder has the government got silent probes and technology that we don't know about ? it might not be an et , but then again it might just be. i'm not good at judging distances so i can't say how far this object was from me or the ground, but it was close enough for me to get a good look at it before it flew away like it was on a mission to somewhere,i just knew i was looking at something out of the ordinary.

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Credit: MUFON

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