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Thursday, December 7, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in SUTTON, England on 2017-01-01 00:00:00 - Two craft appear in the sky 4 mins after new year's eve 2017. caught on video. delighted.

It was 12 midnight on new years eve going into 2017. i decided to video the firework display from my lounge window.  i was approx 4 mins into the video when i saw a large fan-shaped bright red-orange and white flame moving across the sky directly in front of me at a nw to ne direction. i could not judge its speed. i continued to video. there was no apparent sound other than a few fireworks going off.  the appearance was that of a huge fan shaped flame craft.  the top half was fan shaped and very bright red/orange in colour.  the bottom half was a very very bright white.  it travelled in a straight line across the sky. i could see it clearly over the roof tops of the houses opposite me. in the light reflection of the flame shaped red main craft, i then caught sight of another very large grey looking roundish shaped craft below, and quite a way behind it. this craft was flashing on and off a small blue- white light spasmodically.  on viewing my video later, i found the grey craft was not round at all. in fact it appeared to look like a massive upturned nose. this craft was very strange looking. both crafts were travelling at the same speed, but i could not see any connection keeping them together.  at one point, both crafts stopped on the spot, and hovered for a few moments. this can be clearly seen in the video just before it approaches the height of the street lights. the crafts then began to elevate quite quickly and continued rising until going out of sight. when playing back my video, i took some still screen shots of the crafts.  on the main red-orange/white craft, by zooming in, i was able to see a typical flying saucer shape with a row of large windows in the top half.  the bright white area below appeared to be white hot flame exhaust. i made a sketch drawing of what i saw.  the shape was definitely a typical saucer shape.  the grey craft below was very unusual. i have never seen anything this shape or this large before in the sky.  i'm in no doubt of what i witnessed on new years eve 2017. it could of course, be ours, which has been reverse engineered.

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Credit: MUFON

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