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Friday, December 22, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Maryland on 2017-10-06 01:30:00 - Abducted. saw the interior of the ship was white with a circular glass bottom.

I woke up at 1:30a.M. to the sound of a break-in. i grabbed a handgun from my bedside drawer and went to the bedroom door to confront the intruder, but was suddenly rendered unconscious as i touched the doorknob. i woke up clothe-less and cold in a pill-shaped, glass container. the lid was open, so i was able to stumble out onto the floor around the container. i felt drugged and could barely walk, but i thought i'd been kidnapped by someone so i was urgently trying to find an escape route. the room i was in was made of composite materials, namely concrete and plastic with florescent lights. i limped into a hallway that was tunnel-shaped and followed a blue glow coming from down the hall. as i walked, i came out of the tunnel and entered a large cylindrical room lined with vehicles on hooks along the walls. they were human vehicles, mostly japanese and german cars/motorcycles, but some vehicles were clearly from the american military. in the center of the room was what looked like a metal tree that was six stories tall with glowing blue leaves, but upon closer inspection, this tree was a large metal cylinder and the leaves were capsules much like the one i'd woken up in, except these still had people inside them and were radiating a neon blue glow. as i drew my eyes further up the tree, i noticed some blue wires moving around in the dark area toward the ceiling. these clumps of wires suddenly floated down toward me and turned to reveal that they had faces in them, each with two large dark eyes and narrow slits for noses and mouths. it's hard to describe, and i hate to put it this way, but think of a stereotypical "gray alien" face and picture it floating in a tangled up mess of tentacles. there were three of them, one smiling, two frowning. there was an exchange of words and charades between myself and the smiling one for roughly 10 minutes, but i was so exhausted and they were so advanced that there was no pertinent information shared between us. i passed out, then woke up again face-down in a puddle of my own drool on a glass floor. i was too tired to move, so i tilted my head up just enough to take a look around. the room was circular, was about 150 sq. ft. in size, and a bright sterile white color. one of the tentacle creatures was in the room but was busy facing away and operating a set of strange controls with no buttons or levers. i laid my head back down, but saw through the glass floor that we had risen out of a deep black hole that was dug into a grassy plain. a rock-shaped lid closed around the hole to cover it as we flew further up. this is when i realized i was in a spacecraft, and we had actually been in a silo of some sort that's here on earth somewhere. i passed out and was awoken to the sensation of being dropped back-first onto my bed with a hard thud. i checked my phone and it read 6:30am. the whole trip had been exactly five hours. i'm not going into any further detail, but i found an object had been inserted and cauterized into my right leg, and i had a run-in with some men in suits within four days of the abduction. i've never believed in abductions or ufo's or mib or any of that, but now i've got no choice. i'm annoyed that there's no official place to get legitimate information or help on this subject since the experience was traumatic and any kind of clarity would help fix that. mufon is the closest i've found, so this is where i'm reporting this information. hopefully it helps someone somewhere.

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Credit: MUFON

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