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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Kernersville, North Carolina on 2017-12-04 17:35:00 - Bright stationary light dimmed out of sight, then reappeared to the right, moving in a wavy path out of sight

It was around 5:30 when the object was first sighted. i saw it after i came into my room after putting the dishes away, and there was this really bright light outside my window-it wasn't *right* outside my window- location-wise, it was over the apartment complex across from my window, and behind it distance-wise. it was in that area, and it was this really, really bright, steady light, it wasn't pulsing or flashing, there wasn't any red lights with it like a plane would have, and it was completely still. i noticed it right when i came into my room because it was so bright, it stood out against the skyline. for a second there i was like "wait, did they have like a radio station there or something that i missed?". i know radio stations/telephone towers aren't that color, and they flash, and it looked bigger than that, but i thought maybe it was something like that because it was so bright, and because it wasn't moving at first i thought that it was man-made. i could see the rays of light emanating from around it. but it was just sort of a steady, bright light for a second, and it stayed like that for a couple seconds but then afterwards it just sort of gradually started to dim until it was completely gone. there wasn't any other sort of flashing, and it stayed in the exact same spot the entire time- it wasn't moving or anything. when that first cycle happened i was like "wait what, wait what?" the whole time, i was just sort of like whispering to myself because i didn't know what i was seeing. but then a few seconds later it sort of reappeared? i'm guessing that it was the same thing because it was that same bright, white light. it didn't have any flashing effects or anything, it was just white light, and it seemed a lot dimmer or further away this time. i think it was just dimmer, i think it was probably about the same distance from me, and it was a bit towards the right, so it was heading towards the tree line, and it was sort of bobbing up and down. it sort of looked like it was in the ocean, almost? it was moving in a very fluid path, and there didn't seem to be any sort of rhyme or reason to how it was moving. so i started trying to get my phone out at that point, but it was too dim for it to pick it up, because the video recorder on it isn't the greatest. it was too grainy and dark to see anything and by the time i actually had it out it was already in the tree line. and like, i could still see it with my eyes, but my phone wasn't picking it up. i could see the light being covered up behind the parts of the sky with trees, it was definitely an object in the distance, not a reflection. so it bobbed around for a few seconds until it either turned its lights off again, or just disappeared behind the tree line. i stayed after a few minutes to try and see if i could see it again, but i didn't. it was dusk at the time and the only clouds in the sky were a few contrails. after i saw it i was pretty shaken, but i made a recording of me recounting what i saw pretty much immediately after it happened, and the majority of this text comes from that directly (i don't know how to upload that to my computer though). after that i made a quick sketch (included). it was hard for me to focus on anything and my heart was racing, but i think that was less "supernatural abilities" and more just me freaking out. it was weird for sure.

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Credit: MUFON

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