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Thursday, December 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Port Talbot, Wales on 2017-12-05 08:40:00 - Its was flashing red lights diagonal in a sequence.

Travelling home at night on 5/12/17 at around 8:30pm when i had noticed something very odd unusual in the sky that does not look manmade but this was large. all man made flying vehicles have a colour coded law on what lights have to be used. flying vehicles here only use white red and green thats all i ever known but this flying thing just had red flashing lights in a sequence at a diagonal position. lights flashed top mid bottom bottom mid top top mid bottom continusely. it was hovering still in the sky no movement no lean not a slight movement. if it was a hicopter it would have a slight lean and movement. no manmade vehicles can stay hovered in sky without moving. when i dropped my son and partner home i cam back and noticed this thing was moving exceptionally slow id say 1mph. it was hovering in the smoke of the steelworks above the chimney at port talbot south wales. thats when i videod it and its not tge best camera quality but did my best. this thing then moved round through smoke and then out towards margam mountain way then back towards north cornelly. from there i went home as it was getting late.

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Credit: MUFON

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