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Sunday, December 31, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in In Me and Mumbai, on 2017-04-07 18:15:00 - It was again a disturbing.

From first, 1. i was going from train and i was hanging half out from train due to door are open. i like to see sky pattern that's why i looked up. 2. i saw something was floating in sky. 3. i thought it was an airplane but when i saw it clearly,but it was not an airplane. 4. it was a cigar shaped object with silvery surface which was totally looking like if we are holding a cigar straight up. its motion was very rare cause it was moving from northwest to northeast direction. 5. when i was staring at the object it felt like time was getting delayed, i mean time was getting stretched like 1 minutes was getting into 2 min. i was feeling that inside and also outside when i looked beside me. 6. when i came on other side to watch it, still i was staring. as the train started then also i was staring it and in blink of my eye it disappeared (though sky was clear cause no clouds were there). at that time i was shocked. thank you for giving me a talk about them. i ma yrros yllanosrep tub i tnaw pleh, i leef ekil, i ma gnieb dehctaw yb meht morf ynam sraey. osla i leef ekil taht yeht era gnimoc dna yeht era gniog ot ekam gnihtemos.... osla i dah ynam tnereffid dnik fo snoisiv fo meht esuac i ees gnihtemos erar ni ym smaerd hcihw i t'nac yas ro nialpxe..... yeht era gnimoc rof cihportsatac hsawniarb dna labolg raw dna osla i nac yas taht siht egassem si osla gniog ot meht, esuac yeht evil nihtiw su morf ynam sedaced. i ma yrros, rof gniyas siht. osla i t'nac evig ym tcatnoc ofni (rof gnitcatnoc esu naidraug eman)

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Credit: MUFON

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