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Monday, December 11, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Alien Encounter in Newbury, England on 2017-04-01 21:40:00 - Did not see

I was first of april 2016, i remember the date because at first i thought it was an april fool's. i was on the second floor of my house and was getting ready to go to bed. i had just moved towards my curtains which had been open until this point. when i saw an odd light outside, i originally thought it had been because i had my bedroom light on, but i turned the light off and it was still there. my room looked out onto a building site of a nursing home. the light was slightly covered by the corner of the building site which is when the light came round the corner. at first i thought it was a pixie or mythical character because i didnt recognise it. it looked rather small from the tall window i was looking through. the thing was looking around as if it had lost something, and i thought i was dreaming so i knocked on the window, ever so quietly, yet it looked up at me. we stood looking at each other for many moments, with these huge eyes. i then stepped back from the window, to see if i walked back if it was still there. i must have stepped back from the window for about a minute, to refresh my mind set when i looked back outside, it wasn't there anymore. so relieved i shut my curtains and turned back to my room and it was on my bed. my bed was positioned in the middle of the room and my door was shut. i didn't see how it had got into my room but it was standing on my bed. it didn't meet my hips in height but had a very large head and skinny body. it was whilst i was starring at it, that it pointed at me and then back to himself/herself. that was when it came over to me but it was walking weirdly as if it had injured itself. i was sitting down at this point as i was feeling faint, i dont whether it was the alien's doing or the fact i was seeing something that shouldnt have been real. it touched my over my heart, it was so cold i couldnt physically feel the being but i coudl feel the energy, the coldness and then it walked up the wall and through the open window, which had been closed before. i ran to the window to see two beings walking in the opposite direction than i saw it before, walk through the short hedge and disappear just before crossing the road. completely disappear into thin area.

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Credit: MUFON

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