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Monday, December 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Hallandale Beach, Florida on 2017-12-10 17:30:00 - Driving west, clear blue skies. object looked like airplane but was rounder in shape and hovered for about a min.

I was driving west on a street parallel to hallendale blvd, and ahead of me i was a block away from mardi gras casino. the skies were clear and very blue, nothing else in the sky. for the 5 min i had been driving i hadn’t seen any airplanes. i stopped at a stop sign and i see this silver dot, the sun was reflecting on it which made it appear like an shiny earring in the ocean, you can’t miss it. the object hovered for about a min and since it was a quiet street, no cars, i stayed at the stop sign looking up ahead of me. i wear contacts and my eyes get dry so i was thinking it was a balloon or a weirdly angled airplane but i keep looking at it while blinking to get some moisture to my eyes and the object didn’t move! it just stayed there for about almost another minute until i had to move my car. i looked straight to drive and when i looked back up the object was gone. it had a round middle and the wings were rounded as well, different from a pointy wing of an airplane. the sun was reflecting on it so i could definitely see the shape but also the object was far from me, like the size of a round pill. it had a chrome, grey color, really shiny i mean one of my other thoughts was that it was a military aircraft but it couldn’t be because it was chromed out like it was buffed. long story short this experience leaves me with some questions, i personally do not believe aliens are living with us or are at a higher level of intelligence to the point of flying to our world but i do believe they’re somewhere in this universe that have the same level of intelligence as us, wondering the same thing about aliens, wondering about us as we are about them. just saying that i’m skeptical so for me to report this to you guys is big because i tend to have an explaination for things like this. for all i could know it could be a balloon that has kept a certain amount of helium that managed to stay in place for a couple of minutes and then popped when i looked back due to the atmospheric pressure.

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Credit: MUFON

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