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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

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UFO Sighting in High Wycombe, England on 1997-06-01 13:01:00 - As long as entire road, deafening noise emitted, incredibly slow moving which defied gravity, close to homes beneath it.

I was a boy playing on a nearby road during the day, most likely playing with my bike or walking to and fro from a friends house. the object could not be missed by me, it was of a scale beyond my comprehension at that time, and still beyond it now - 20 years on - it took up an entire road if correlated, its noise was unlike anything i have ever heard 20 years on. it was moving incredibly slowly (no ore than 10mph but appeared to be a snailspace considering it's size), but very steadily, and i remember thinking that the sheer weight of it meant it should not be able to do that. i do not recall propellors yet my memory is now faded. it was within touching distance to the houses below from what i remember, which would have been beyond my imagination back then. this was not a commercial jet, it was like something out of a military dream, it bore a closer resemblance to something in independence day! it was as long as at least 5 detached houses on their respective plots(across and not front to back). i half expect it was the length of half a football (soccer) field. i was shocked, and remember being completely spell bound, i wanted to get the neighbours attention, but remember i could not scream loud enough to be heard above the noise the craft was emitting. i remember trying to knock on peoples doors (who were right below the object), and think i did knock on one or two, but received no answer. i remember wondering and panicking as to why no one else was coming out to find out what was making the noise or causing everything to vibrate, and i remember thinking why no one else was in the streets just in pure shock, and i remember being worried that if i went any further to get peoples attention, it would be gone on return. i cannot seem to remember to well as to what i did after a few minutes of just staring up at it in disbelief, nothing seemed to be coming out of my mouth when i tried to shout for attention, i believe i ran to get my dad who was in a property not too far away, but it had gone by the time i got there, and do not know how it disapeared, as based on the size of the object i saw, you would see it from a mile away. this was not what your members have called orbs, but 5x larger than a b52 bomber. i knew i would question myself over the event one day, and therefore from the second i laid eyes on it, and told myself immediately after to simply always tell myself that "i really did see this object in the sky just above these houses, and one day i would question if i really did see this craft - and in this case, this speech would be my proof". it is now approximately 20 years on, and i am still telling myself this, but my memory has faded and i therefore want to record it while i can.

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Credit: MUFON

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