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Monday, December 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Mazarredo, Santa Cruz on 2017-12-02 11:30:00 - Other white vehicles in patagonia

We trip by national route 281 to puerto deseado (santa cruz, patagonia, argentina) at the atlantic ocean coast, later by provintial route 68, and later by provintial route 70, and (so tired) by provintial route 14, and directly want to visit the antique and forgotten post office at mazaredo site. this is a part of the antique president roca tlegraph (year 1905) next to mazaredo bay (argentine coast), which came up to virgins cape in the magallanes strait in that year. that mega construction with towers of 210 feets hight and thousands of post (eucalyptus) and wires was forgotten in the time. the antique post office was made in red patagonic hard stones and is totally beatifull. we arrive at night and see not other people in the area, we were plans to stay there a week, but the place awaiting us with a surprise. in the early morning we go to the sea (4 miles away), we chosed go by foot to make natural phot and video. in the trip we cu off by a "ravine" (a little canyon) of 150 feets tall or less, in a curve of this we can see at the top five white range rover evoque, some people dressed in rare almost traslucid clothes, three 30 feets towers and one big artifact with cone shape. the last was pointed to the sea and it sounded like to an exact whale song, almost ten second wecan see a flash pulse in direction to the sea horizon and then from there something answered from the sea, again and again. this people see us and we waved our hands to say hello and they did the same. when we arrive to the coast, we find two men more, they talk with us and said "hello, are you here to see the post office?" (???) we said "yes" and they said "you are needed to see a last telegraph reference, a bronze tribute plate", and then said which direction we must to go (1 mille from there). we question about the vehicles and towers, and the cone, they said "we are looking for something, it is a scientific stuff, important for us". in the next three days that vehicles and that people stay there, we see them ten times but never we go where they are. the telezoom photographs were taken blanked, we have not problems, or car damages, or health riks, we are ok and go to our business. now we can see the area in satellite images and can see there a remarkable triangle in the same place when the five vehicles was stay parked ¿coincidence ?.

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Credit: MUFON

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