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Saturday, December 2, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Madrid, Community of Madrid on 2017-11-23 05:54:00 - 4 objects in the sky spotted from within madrid, spain

(apologies if this sighting report was sent previously. i am unsure if the first report went through properly). the photo was taken at 5:54 am on november 23, 2017, in madrid, spain. i was up early because of jetlag and was walking in the town. the photo was taken in the square of puerta del sol in the middle of madrid. i took the photo facing south from behind a statue (because it says "madrid" on it) and i was trying to get the shot of the statue with the frame of the christmas tree and the clock tower building. it is possible that when i framed the shot the ufos were behind the christmas tree and only came into view (moved west) when i was busy making sure the clock tower building was in the shot. at the time of the photo, i did not notice anything in the sky (i was not paying attention to the sky, as i did not think anything was there. also, there were several revelers in the area still partying from the night before, and making sure of my own safety i was keeping one eye on them and just quickly took the shot). my camera was just set to "automatic". it was only later the next day when i was going through my photos that i noticed the strange lights in the sky in the photo. at first i thought it was maybe just street lamps (as the street lamps in the area have either 4 or 2 lights on them) but even from the ufo photo i can see the lamps are much farther down. i then thought that maybe it was some odd reflection of the street lamps. however, i am outside and not in a store or restaurant (it was nearly 6 am at the time, and nothing is open at that time to my knowledge). although there is a christmas tree decoration, there is no glass there to reflect the street lamp lights. to check that it was not actually some kind of odd reflection, i went back the next day to take photos of the area. there is nothing in the sky to reflect the light from the lamps. there have never been photos of strange or odd things like this taken with this camera and lens before, so i can only conclude that it is a photo of ufos. thank you.

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Credit: MUFON

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