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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Southbury, Connecticut on 2017-12-26 17:35:00 - Observered bright star like object, mile north of exit 15 on i84. object rapidly turned west, then quickly went east

Driving north to waterbury on i-84 connecticut, i observed what i first thought was an extremly bright star. the object then so quicly went east only a little bit. if i would guess the object was a mile or two miles north of exit 15, then it moved 5 inches left from my line of sight. id guess a football sized length, unsure because im unsure the size of object. then it moved east north east even more quickly until it disappeared behind the trees. this is my second ufo sighting, my second that ive reported this year to mufon although my first took place years ago. i have kept my eyes searching, my heart desperatly wanting to see what i saw years ago. i was not looking for a ufo, i thought at first it was a star until it moved in an impossible aerial manner for any man m.Ade flying vehicle. it was over before i could even grasp what i was seeing. i cant imagine that i was the only one who saw this as there were many cars on the highway and it was impossible to not notice while looking ahead, which was a straight part of highway at that point, which makes the objects turn not an illusion. there is an airport near by but given the movments i know it was not a plane. hopefully it came up on the radar for the airport. this event was not better then my first sighting of 3 objects, and so much shorter. i am so glad to have seen another. i hope that if anyone else saw this that they report it to validate my sighting. before i saw my first sighting, i thought ufo sightings were lies or delusions, but then i became a believer real quick, id sometimes see objects at first having hope its another ufo, only to be dissapointed and observing it as something identifiable, which only made me upset to tell the truth. but tonights was very amazing, not as much as my first sighting, which by searching im sure you can find my description of thhose objects, which is lengthy. to add ot my giddiness is the admission of the pentagons ufo program and release of the jet ufo chase off coast of san diego, which has made my hopes of disclosure boiling. bless what you guys do here and happy holidays. oh and whta i saw was not santa haha.

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Credit: MUFON

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