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Saturday, December 30, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Hollins, Virginia on 2006-08-20 00:00:00 - At least a 100 that first we're thought to be stars until they started moving with half of the sky glowing clound covering moon with orange color enough to light the sky i thought it was the sun

around 3 am i received a phone call from my 2 youngest daughters both were at there home i was with my oldest daughter at my home approximately 1 mile away. my daughter told me to go outside that something strange was going on with the sky before i could reach the door she called back hesterical telling me the earth was spinning out of controll i laughed ask had she been drinking.So my daughter and i went out the earth felt as if had fallen off it's axes and was out of controll spinning so fast i thought i was going to fall. half of the sky looked as if it were day time the moon had a huge cloud in front of it lumanating orange yellow so bright it was lighting up the sky when we looked to the other side it was dark and there were thousands of stars all of the sudden the stars started to fly across the sky and line up about this time i dropped to my knees and began to pray my daughter thought it was end times and raced home after about a 100 stars had moved across sky they formed a huge craft and i mean huge and as quick as it was there it was gone the moon when back to normal. a note that my neighbor had came out and was walking to his car i called out 2 times for him to look up it was as if he didn't hear me i made the comment to my daughters that if we saw what we know we saw the military will release a statement and sure enough the next morning paper said something stupid i can't recall now but it was laughable i have researched for years trying to find someone with what i saw can't even come close but myself and 3 daughters saw this. i have painted it on my bedroom wall so when i told people itwas so hard to explain and easier to show. everyone i have told seems to believes me i thought they would think i was nuts and there have been times i have had to get my daughters to confirm

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Credit: MUFON

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